A circle of young dancers surround a single dancer

WINTERSONG – dances for a sacred season

Celebrating thirty-three years of illuminating the winter solstice through dance. Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre’s WINTERSONG – dances for a sacred season returns to warm the hearts of family audiences with a breathtaking tapestry of seasonal dance inspired by the world’s rich solstice traditions. A world premiere by fast rising Haitian-born choreographer, Rodney Diverlus, highlights the […]

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Only You

Only You is an exploration of everything that binds and separates us by one of Quebec’s most beloved choreographers. In a quest towards understanding, acceptance and honesty, its two protagonists gradually remove the invisible veils between each other to unmask the truth that lies underneath. Tackling issues of vulnerability, courage and fortitude, a central theme emerges: one’s true self is one’s own to […]

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An image of Esie Mensah

Kevin A. Ormsby and Esie Mensah

Still…HERE…STAND In Still…HERE…STAND, Kevin A. Ormsby celebrates his 35th year in dance and 43rd year in the arts by incorporating various aspects of the stories, lives, images and thoughts on blackness through dance. At the core of the work is an essential message: resilience exists in being black.    A Seat at the Table A Seat at the Table is an […]

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video projection of body on brick wall


An innovative follow-up to Harbourfront Centre’s contemporary dance series TORQUE, in collaboration with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, REBO(U)ND is a choreography of suspension, composed of video projected on architectural surfaces. REBO(U)ND reveals the ephemeral instant when the performer floats, between momentum and falling, between liberty and unbalance, just as the body seems to defy notions of […]

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Dancing With the Universe

Dancing with the Universe is a dance theatre production co-directed by Vivian Chong and choreographer Kathleen Rea with dramaturge Tristan Whiston. It tells Vivian’s life story of losing her sight due to a rare reaction to ibuprofen and her journey to rediscover herself as a multidisciplinary artist and athlete. Chong performs in the production alongside […]

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Two people on stage in front of a large audience

One Night with Signmark

Signmark is a Finnish Deaf rapper who spreads his message over strong beats where hard, low frequencies and bass play a crucial part in his performance. These elements help him adapt to the rhythm, as he proves music is more than what you can hear. Rap went beyond music, lyrics, culture and languages, and has […]

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two dancers on stage

Story, story, die.

Alan Lucien Øyen and his company winter guests tell stories of the contemporary world. Drawing from real-life experiences, his innovative multi-disciplinary works of dance and theatre have gained critical acclaim and an international following.   His newest work Story, story, die. is no exception. With a cast of seven extraordinary dancers and using visceral choreography and text, this piece looks at the interdependency between lies and love and the […]

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dancers on stage

Babel 7.16

Presented in the famous Cour d’Honneur du Palais des Papes, choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet have joined forces with visual artist Antony Gormley to create Babel 7.16. The cast of 22 dancers comprises artists from 15 nations.   Recorded live at Festival d’Avignon, July 2016. Contains Course Language and Nudity. A programming partnership between DanceHouse (Vancouver), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), Danse Danse (Montreal), and the National […]

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An image of the company of L E V

Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart

“…things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.” Hanya Yanagihara | Little Life Moment. Silence. Dryness. Emptiness. Fear. Wholeness. Concealment. Longing. Water. Demon. Gap. Coldness. Eyes. Intension. Impulse. Hideout. Colour. Side. Stitches. Love. Point. Supported […]

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An image of a performer for Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers

A visually stunning dance piece exploring the impacts of the Quebec Bridge disaster of 1907, which killed 33 Mohawk ironworkers from the community of Kahnawake. When the bridge collapsed while under construction, it caused a wave of after-effects that stretched out to the whole world. It is a universal story that touches on themes of disaster, […]

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