Artist David Bobier works on his piece

Not Born Yesterday, Not Going Away

Deaf and disabled people worldwide have a long history of artistic expression.   Still, Deaf and disability art is relatively unknown or is perceived as an innovation to established forms.   Not Born Yesterday, Not Going Away celebrates the long history of Deaf and disability art, connecting living artists with their chosen ancestors. It aims to create […]

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Part of Shared Terrain

Shared Terrain

Shared Terrain is a group exhibition that fosters cultural exchange between the Nordic Region and Canada. This exhibition is structured around exchange and conversation between ten creatives from distant locations who are collaborating with each other for the first time.   Artists and designers from Canada and the Nordic Region are paired in five groups, working […]

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A Glass blown orb

Body Language

Danica Drago and Victoria Guy resist the stereotypical and harmful assumptions and presumptions made about the body, personhood and lived experience. Their works in ceramics, glass and mixed-media reflect upon the body as site, inspiration and the ultimate instrument to mediate meaning through making. Drago and Guy celebrate material intent and process as the language […]

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Wooden carvings displayed in the exhibition

Design Matters

Design Matters presents objects and methods of design and fabrication that soon may become part of our everyday lives. In a world facing major challenges, from the threat of climate change to adapt to an increasingly digitized society, most people will agree that we must start to produce and consume in new ways. The exhibition, curated […]

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Sense Light Swings exhibition

Sense Light Swing

The Sense Light Swing is a light fixture that is also a moving, eye-catching work of art. The fixture’s shape comes from a hanging swing for children; Alexander Lervik’s concept for Sense Light Swing was created for the 2005 show “Five Playful Chairs.” The seat of the swing, made from transparent acrylic, is lit from within by a strip […]

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Pressure light exhibition


Pressure is a piece consisting of a 300-metre long RGB-LED hose shaped like a doodle wrapped in the construction. Flashes of impulses whip around in the LED doodle and run towards each other while shifting colour and giving the expression of a digitally-stressed doodle.

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Great Minds Light Exhibition

Great Minds

Great Minds is a dynamic monument that praises the birth of ideas and relates to all creative people. Light work appears in the form of two monumental brains in dialogue, performing active, luminous brainstorming – the unavoidable phase of each creative process – and figuratively using light to emphasize births of unique ideas and sparkling […]

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Gorzi Light Exhibition


In Gorži, waterfalls cascade from the Power Plant building’s windows. The installation by Outi Pieski is inspired by the Sámi spiritual tradition, in which we live in a reciprocal relationship with all living entities. Gorži creates a poetic sight in which clean water flows freely. The voice of Sámi yoik singer Hildá Länsman brings out […]

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Equinox Light Exhibition


Equinox asks questions about the nature of light and darkness and about the unique moment of equinox when they are in balance. Equinox combines elements of contemporary dance, nu-jazz and graphics to invite the audience into a dynamic, poetic and contemplative experience. 

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Cube Light exhibition


Conceived mainly for big open spaces, CONTROL NO CONTROL is a large-scale interactive installation in a minimalistic geometric structure, true to Studio Iregular’s signature style. Created in 2011 in Montreal for Igloofest, it has since been presented over 35 times worldwide.   CONTROL NO CONTROL is a big LED cube that reacts to everything that touches it […]

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Nordic Lights

Harbourfront Centre welcomes our audiences back for illuminating outdoor winter experiences, starting with Nordic Lights, a dazzling display of Nordic and Canadian light art. Nordic Lights features 6 outdoor light installations placed across the Harbourfront Centre campus. Supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Waterfront Business Improvement Area, Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, NEXT Magazine, Icelandair and Nordic Culture Point

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Long Journey Home Exhibtion

Long Journey Home

Long Journey Home is an exhibition by Graphic designer Liv Aurora Jensen, who considers herself a pioneer for contemporary Greenlandic culture through her designs, an undertaking that brings her joy and satisfaction that she wishes to share with the world. Jensen draws inspiration from the rich landscape and culture of her country, its people, traditional clothing […]

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