July 9 – September 11, 2022

Elegant Gestures

Patrycja Zwierzynska

Curated by Melanie Egan.


Photo courtesy of the artist


Patrycja Zwierzynska is a self-described process artist. In this current body of work, the material’s characteristics guide her, determining how her hands manipulate and form a series of unique organic forms. The individual elements of the neckpieces could be regarded as beads. The image of beads running through her fingers as she creates each individual element is evocative of a meditation – material and body in synchronicity. 

Jewellery makes the most sense when it is on the body, relating to the wearer, moving through space and time. Zwierzynska reflects upon the body as she creates. She thinks of scale, and making forms that are tactile and pleasant to the touch. She also considers how the pieces are put together – calling attention to knots and clasps as integral components of the overall work.  

Zwierzynska creates works to be worn. Each gesture is an essential and elegant movement that culminates in jewellery to be celebrated and enjoyed by all. 

My creative practice is rooted in process and analysis. I’m inspired by structures in the natural world, which I then abstract in response to material and aesthetics. This collection results from working intuitively, with a constant cycle of looking, interpreting and reflecting. It’s a process that leads to unconventional and unexpected discoveries. Each piece was individually created by manipulating and combining forms, resulting in ambiguous organic shapes that are open to interpretation. With this work, I want to celebrate nature and beauty while creating something new and unusual within the realm of wearable art.    

Patrycja Zwierzynska

About Patrycja Zwierzynska

Patrycja Zwierzynska is a Toronto-based artist working in contemporary jewellery. An enduring interest in the arts and a desire to make things led her to pursue an education at NSCAD University, where she discovered metalworking. Zwierzynska graduated in 2007 with a BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing. Upon graduating, she completed three years in the Artist-in-Residency program in the Metal Studio at Harbourfront Centre. She was one of the founding members of Studio HUDDLE, a cooperative, artist-run studio and gallery space in Toronto. Her work examines the boundaries and definitions of jewellery, and displays strong craftsmanship and innovation in design and process. Zwierzynska’s pieces have been exhibited throughout Canada and internationally.


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