Kalabante dancers performing

Won’Ma Africa

Won’Ma Africa is a virtuosic circus explosion accompanied by pulsating live music showcasing various African artists. A handful of daring acrobats, accompanied by their musicians, perform to the pulsating rhythm of the djembes of Guinea with their authentic and original choreography and acrobatics. With the melodious sound of the Kora, Yamoussa Bangoura transports us to […]

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Silent demonstration portion of Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a three-and-a-half-hour participatory experience that invites children and adults to explore the coral reef ecosystem. Comprised of a workshop, a show and a demonstration, participants will work together to form a “human” coral reef and take on different roles, from being a part of the reef itself to inhabiting the […]

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Sponge stamped tshirt with paint

Commitment Clothesline

What do you want to protect in the future for the world? Is it animals, plants, air, water, land, or people?  Join the Harbourfront Centre School Visits team in this art-making activity that invites kids and adults to design two pieces of art expressing a message for environmental protection.  Kids can choose from two activities:   […]

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Lego bricks


Everyone’s favourite activity has landed at Junior–welcome to the LEGO® Zone! For kids aged 4-99, a world of LEGO® pieces in all shapes and sizes awaits you. Whether you’re following the instructions or following your imagination, we can’t wait to see what you create with LEGO® bricks. 

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Sakuramai dancers

Yosakoi Dance Demo

Be prepared to have some FUN during this lively Japanese Yosakoi-style dance performance and demo presented by Sakuramai Toronto. Feel the energy, watch, dance and come together. 

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Althea Balmes

Create Your Own Comics

Join multi-disciplinary visual storyteller and artist Althea Balmes for an interactive Create Your Own Comics workshop exploring the art of comic book creation. You will receive top tips on what makes great visual storytelling before getting down to creating some of your own work. This is a fun and informal workshop, and no previous experience is […]

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Drag performers Fay and Fluffy


Drag performers Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé return to JUNIOR for more storytelling fun, bigger and better than ever before! Join them for an outdoor reading experience and dance party in JUNIOR’S’s famed Tickle Trunk. They make reading fun for kids (and adults) while encouraging everyone to see our differences as beautiful. Fay and Fluffy’s […]

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Bust a move dance

How it Feels to be Me

Kids of all abilities and ages are invited to join in our super fun drop-in dance class, How It Feels to be Me! Experience dance as a powerful vehicle to unleash your spirit and encourage independence, confidence, resilience and empowerment, whatever your ability. Originally from Australia, Bust a Move Dance is a leading dance company […]

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Bollywood dancers

Bollywood Dance Demo

After their resounding success in 2019, Broken Dance is back at JUNIOR this year with their infectious Bollywood-style dance demo. Join in the fun of watching and learning a few moves from this company that fuses South Asian and Western styles, and that was a finalist on Canada’s Got Talent. 

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Children parading with flags

Wishes in the Wind

Wishes in the Wind is a soulful parade that captures the struggles and resilience of children. Carrying rocks emblazoned with words of worry and waving flags with declarations of hope, young people offer us a glimpse into their hearts as they wish their way through this challenging time. Join us for this two-part experience where […]

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An anomalocaris, ancient creature of the deep

Rella’s Cambrian Dream

Join an expedition into the distant past to learn about the beginning of life on Earth in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, 508 million years ago. During this prototype of Rella’s Cambrian Dream, your smartphone transforms the world into an ancient ocean and you become a researcher using story, song and technology to discover the first creatures […]

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Bad Hats Theatre group

Storybook Search

The Storybook Search is an immersive, theatrical scavenger hunt that takes audiences through the Harbourfront Centre campus, weaving in and out of stories, puzzles, games and clues as they uncover the “secrets of the harbour.” Kids and their adults will be the first to experience this work in progress by Bad Hats Theatre. Discover the […]

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Flowers collected for eating

Things We Can Eat From Outside

Sample delicious Indigenous food and learn the history and traditions and recipes in our Indigenous Food Workshops. Harbourfront Centre’s kitchens come to life with workshops for children that target different age groups, allowing for hands-on learning and storytelling in a fun and creative learning space: the kitchen! Plus, food vendors will sell scrumptious traditional and […]

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plated cured salmon with wild rice

Medicine-Cured Salmon

Sample delicious Indigenous food and learn the history and traditions and recipes in our Indigenous Food Workshops. Harbourfront Centre’s kitchens come to life with workshops for children that target different age groups, allowing for hands-on learning and storytelling in a fun and creative learning space: the kitchen! Plus, food vendors will sell scrumptious traditional and […]

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Ramp is a Red Carpet

Facilitated by CoMotion Artist-in-Residence Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen, participants will be working with textiles, weaving and interlacing strips into a mesh fabric by hand to create one long carpet displayed in the room.  For Wallinheimo-Heimonen, accessibility is not a special arrangement – it’s more like preparing in advance, both individually and as a society. We can eat […]

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Performer Erin Ball


Join us for a family-friendly, fun-filled afternoon with circus artists Erin Ball and Jayeden Walker, hosted by Deaf actor Elizabeth Morris. Aerial acts, live music, pirates, mermaids, a chance to learn some hula hoop moves and so much more!    Radio Circus: Red Dress  Circus artist Erin Ball, musician Bon Evans and access consultant Amy Amantea […]

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Still from the movie Rahyne


Rahyne (2021) is a short, animated film in the style of a motion-comic. It follows a young Afro-Indigenous (Bajan and Mohawk), non-binary youth who turns to the water to guide them through the turmoil highlighted by the pandemic, political unrest and trauma experienced by Black and Indigenous peoples. This film delves into Indigenous and African/Caribbean […]

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A circle of young dancers surround a single dancer

WINTERSONG – dances for a sacred season

Celebrating thirty-three years of illuminating the winter solstice through dance. Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre’s WINTERSONG – dances for a sacred season returns to warm the hearts of family audiences with a breathtaking tapestry of seasonal dance inspired by the world’s rich solstice traditions. A world premiere by fast rising Haitian-born choreographer, Rodney Diverlus, highlights the […]

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An image of the performance of A story of a house that turned into a dot

A Story of a House That Turned into a Dot

A whimsical and intimate shadow-play about how long the road home is when you run away in anger. She became so hopping mad She became so fizzling furious She became so livid with rage that she opened the window and climbed down the ladder and then she ran.  She ran and ran and ran And ran, ran, ran And she ran there and […]

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An image of a person with their back turned in an arctic setting.

Those Who Run in the Sky (Angakkussaq)

Those Who Run in the Sky is a coming-of-age story that follows a young shaman named Pitu as he learns to use his powers and ultimately makes his way back to the world of the living from the world of spirits. This piece is performed in Kalaallisut/Greenlandic. English context will be provided.  After a strange blizzard leaves Pitu stranded on the sea […]

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two men standing on pile


Join us on an expedition as Kitt Johnson X-act presents a magical performance for children and their adults, Spoiiiiiiiiing. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Step into a world full of trash, music and magic, and meet the two unusual trash-sorting experts. One with an ear for the secret music of the trash and the other with an eye for its hidden treasures. 

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