May 21–23, 2022

Great Barrier Reef

Participatory Theatre


Join us for an undersea workshop, put on a performance and take part in a silent demonstration for our oceans!

Silent demonstration portion of Great Barrier Reef

Photo by Achim Reissner


This event is a Nordic Spotlight, part of Nordic Bridges.


The Great Barrier Reef is a three-and-a-half-hour participatory experience that invites children and adults to explore the coral reef ecosystem. Comprised of a workshop, a show and a demonstration, participants will work together to form a “human” coral reef and take on different roles, from being a part of the reef itself to inhabiting the creatures who populate it or the divers who study it. This fun and physical play mix the roles of children and adults in imaginative ways, where participants are both viewers and creators of the performance. The event culminates in a public silent demonstration to share the concern for the state of corals. 

The Great Barrier Reef event is composed of four different components with a break for lunch:   

  • The Great Barrier Reef Workshop – 1 hour, 10 minutes   
  • Lunch break – 35 minutes (During the last 15 minutes of the lunch break, participants will attend the beauty salon for an underwater makeover.)   
  • The Great Barrier Reef performance – 1 hour   
  • Discussion and Demonstration Preparation – 30 minutes  
  • The Silent Demonstration – 15 minutes 

About Other Spaces

Founded in 2004, the Other Spaces collective is a live art group based in Helsinki, Finland, with 20 active members from different fields of art. During its 15 years of working history, the collective has become one of Finland’s most influential and international live art groups. The collective’s performance aesthetics and working methods are unique: the group’s artistic work is based on collaborative body exercises that enable experiential contact with non-human forms and phenomena. Other Spaces shares these exercises with the public in performances, workshops and demonstrations, encouraging everyone to experience these “visits into other spaces.” The collective’s goals include facilitating more sustainable thinking and behaving, aided by their techniques. Open Spaces encourages cooperation between different art forms and strives for genuinely democratic and collaborative ways of working. 

Other Spaces is internationally regarded and has been invited to numerous festivals, including Urban Species at Kampnagel (Hamburg), the Edinburgh Science Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival, AUAWIRLEBEN at Bern, ANTI Festival at Kuopio, Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival at Campsirago, the Santarcangelo Festival in Sant Arcangelo, the Access Point Festival in St. Petersburg and the Venice Biennale.

Dates & Times

May 21
11am – 2:30pm

May 22
11am – 2:30pm

May 23
11am – 2:30pm


Lakeside Terrace

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto ON

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