May 21–22, 2022

A Story of a House That Turned into a Dot

Teatret Gruppe 38


A story about how long the road home is when you run away in anger.

An image of the performance of A story of a house that turned into a dot

Photo by Lars K. Olesen


This event is a Nordic Spotlight, part of Nordic Bridges.


A whimsical and intimate shadow-play about how long the road home is when you run away in anger.
She became so hopping mad 
She became so fizzling furious 
She became so livid with rage 
that she opened the window and climbed down the ladder 
and then she ran. 
She ran and ran and ran 
And ran, ran, ran 
And she ran there and she ran around 
And ran over and ran under 
And ran down, down, down, down, down 
And ran up, up, up, up, up 
And ran forward and ran along 
And ran off, off, off, 
And when she turned 
The house had turned into a dot .

About Bodil Alling, Actor and Artistic Director  

Bodil has been part of Teatret Gruppe 38 since 1981 and has had a leading role in the theatre’s productions since the mid-1980s. 

He is one of the central figures behind the paradigm shift in Danish children’s theatre in the 1980s, which meant defining children’s theatre in a new way and making Danish theatre for children and young people respected worldwide.  

With Alling as Artistic Manager, Teatret Gruppe 38 has won numerous prizes for their unique way of storytelling to young theatre audiences. 

About Teatret Gruppe 38

Teatret Gruppe 38 is a professional, prizewinning theatre which has existed since 1972. The theatre is located in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, and led by the artistic leader, writer and actor Bodil Alling. They create reflective, whimsical and philosophic theatre, presented in an intimate format. Teatret Gruppe 38 has an extensive tour-programme – in Denmark and abroad. Amongst other countries, they have most recently toured to Australia, Croatia, Norway, Canada, USA, Germany, Estonia, Scotland and Japan. 

Accessibility Information

  • Listen to the pre-recorded audio introduction
  • The performance on Sunday May 22 will be presented with live Audio Description. 

Dates & Times

May 21
40 mins

May 22
40 mins


Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario

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