Power Kids

Power Kids

Join Power Kids and make some 3-D art! This activity is inspired by Jen Aitken’s exhibition at the Power Plant Contemporary Gallery. Aitken’s sculptures are influenced by urban architecture, particularly in Toronto. Participants use wire, paper, pipe cleaners, beads, and more to create unique sculptures.   

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Sankofa Stories

Sankofa Stories

Through an African-centered retelling of human history from ancient times to the present, participants will take part in collective music-making, learn about some African deities and lore, and explore an African Indigenous approach to connecting more deeply with nature. 

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dot art workshop

Dot / Bead Art Painting Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn about the traditional floral beadwork of the Métis people through dot art/bead art painting. Participants will be invited to create their own work of art either inspired by what they have learned or something that is important to them. 

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Complimentary childminding

Complimentary Childminding

Harbourfront Centre is pleased to offer complimentary childminding services during the Junior Festival, for children ages 4-12 years old to provide flexibility for caregivers and families attending the weekend festivities. The childminding service is facilitated by professional babysitting staff from The Summerhill Club  Caregivers must complete an authorization form available at the childminding space upon […]

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LEGO® Zone Drop-in

Everyone’s favourite activity has landed at JUNIOR: welcome to the LEGO® Zone! For kids of all ages, a world of LEGO® pieces in all shapes and sizes awaits you. Whether you’re following the instructions or following your imagination, we can’t wait to see what you create with LEGO® bricks.

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Tipi craft activity

Tipi Crafting Drop-In

Please join the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre and participate in exciting craft activities! Families can participate in a Tipi Craft workshop where children will learn Tipi teachings, and how to build one of their own to take home. 

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Tipi Showcase: Storytelling

Bajiishkaa-ogan enkaamigaag  Miimaampii waanje kinoomowendwaa eshkeniigjig naandaan Bajiishka-ogenaan giinaakaasaan wiidaang, Miidaash gaywiinwaa daashitoowad bezhig Menikwenjigans daanaakaasnaa-aa, Lakota giibezekaamigad we nooswen Tipi – Bajiishka-ogaan, wiidaang minwaa endaayaang etming, Bgoji Bezheki Meshwegin giinakaasaam yeshkaad, minwaa Wiigwasaatigook, entaam shiigwaa gii jiishkiigegewog gii pkwenesgewog jebwa naakaaswa naandaan Meshwegenoong minwaa wiigwasaadigwan wewenenaa jewiinaagdwendaagosiiyad waadaa-aad gwaandak ChiMnskodeng gaadnaagkiijig Anishnaabeg. Jedaagwa giinsaaksen […]

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drawing graphic novels

Creating A Graphic-Novel

How does a comic book or graphic novel get made? How many different people work on one book? What’s the process for creating a story and turning it into a graphic novel? Writer Stephanie Cooke will take you on a creative adventure, delving into ideas around the narrative building, illustration and steps to publication as […]

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Bust a move dance

Bust A Move! Drop-in

The mission at BAMDance is to provide a place where people of all abilities and disabilities can express themselves, individually and as a community, through our shared love for dance. Together, we endeavour to learn and grow as dancers and as leaders, developing the skills necessary to become advocates for ourselves and our communities.    […]

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Circus Circus

Circus! Circus! Drop-in

Have you ever wanted to try some circus tricks? In this introductory-level kids activity, work with Harbourfront Centre circus instructors to try out circus activities, including aerial spinning hoops and trapeze. We will adapt for age and ability – come and watch or try! All participants must sign a waiver. A physical waiver will also […]

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Collective banner making

Collective Banner-Making

This collaborative painting and colouring process celebrates each kid’s unique style, featuring wavy lines and lots of colour and patterns. Everyone will get the chance to contribute to the creation of an eye-catching art piece that expresses our collective experience at JUNIOR.  

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Power kids printmaking

Power Kids Printmaking

Join Power Kids and make a print that celebrates the Humber River! Participants will use ink and water to create colourful monoprints of fish, birds, animals and the landscape of the Humber River to take in its significant cultural, recreational and natural values. Did you know that there are more than 50 species of fish […]

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Paper plate tambourines

Paper Plate Tambourines

Facilitated by the Harbourfront Centre School Visits team, this art-making activity invites families and groups to create a musical instrument using simple materials and collaging techniques. Participants can consider the following questions: How can we use colour, shape and texture to create a personal musical instrument? Participants will design and build their tambourines using a […]

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Landscape experience

Experimental Landscapes

Facilitated by the Harbourfront Centre School Visits team, this art-making activity invites families and groups to design one creative response by exploring how we perceive colour, shape and texture in the land around us. Participants will consider the different elements of the land: sky, water and land. Participants can consider the following questions: How does […]

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The Ocean, Freshwater and us

The Ocean, Freshwater And Us

Did you know all waterways are connected? There’s nothing like following the flow to wrap your head around this incredible fact. The Ocean, Freshwater and Us map was developed as a learning and engagement tool for schools, libraries, museums and aquariums, conferences and other public spaces and events to use during the Ocean Week Canada […]

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Fay and Fluffy Storytime

Fay And Fluffy’s Storytime

They’re back! Join ultra-magical Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé in a wholesome and comfy story time, because reading is fundamental. Drag stars Fay Slift and Fluffy Soufflé have been doing drag story times across Toronto and beyond since 2016. Through a supportive and inclusive environment focused on fun, culturally diverse books, songs and lots of […]

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Making Lentil Sambusa

Make Lentil Sambusa

Noir Experience is a Black chef collective showcasing the cuisine of the Black diaspora, from the Caribbean to Africa. The collective partners with local businesses, artists and musicians to create unique culinary experiences.  Lentil sambusa is a childhood memory of Chef Asres. It’s an African version of the Indian samosa. Children will learn how to […]

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Make Trinidadian doubles

Make Trinidadian Doubles

Noir Experience is a Black chef collective showcasing the cuisine of the Black diaspora, from the Caribbean to Africa. The collective partners with local businesses, artists and musicians to create unique culinary experiences.  In this workshop, learn how to make Trinidadian doubles and how each ingredient’s history transports you to Trinidad.  

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Make quiche florentine

Make Quiche Florentine

Noir Experience is a Black chef collective showcasing the cuisine of the Black diaspora, from the Caribbean to Africa. The collective partners with local businesses, artists and musicians to create unique culinary experiences.  This workshop is a one-hour cooking class for children learning the techniques of making a quiche florentine with plantain and garnish. Make […]

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Bollywood Dance demo

Bollywood Dance

Specializing in Bollywood, hip hop, fusion, classical Indian dance and Bhangra, Broken Dance is back with its infectious choreography that fuses South Asian and Western-style dance. The Bollywood-style dance company was a finalist on Canada’s Got Talent. 

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japanese yosokai dance demo

Japanese Yosakoi  

Be prepared to have some fun during this lively Japanese Yosakoi-style dance performance and demo presented by Sakuramai Toronto. Feel the energy and come dance along!   Yosakoi style dance originated in Kochi, Japan. It started in the 1950s after the war to revitalize the community. It brought unity and positivity to the community. Sakuramai […]

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All Nations juniors + First Fire Dance

All Nations Jrs + First Fire Dance

Noong Ednaakiijig Eshniigjig Medwegaagejig  Gwaandaak Eshniigjig aanke Mewiidoonaa Anishnaabe Zhegaawin Medwegaageyaad. Ene-she bigwad, miigeynwaa maagweyaad niiyaap eshi ngoodoweanngesewad minwaa ednaakiiwad. Wii-aanke miidowad maandaa Medwegegaan, ekwaa Zhansweboongad gii-maachtaawok, Bezhik ataam, gemaachpiich giimaanjiinok, noong benjijibayad, Cree, Dakota, Ojibwe, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee, Naangwadnoong gegwa Anishnaabe iiyowsek wiidbaabook geynoowaa. Nsaadwenaachgaasowak, ezhi gichipiitendaagosiiyad. Giiyaabe gwaa naangwaa Negaamook Medwegaagewod, egwendaa genaan gwaa […]

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Naghmeh Farahmand Percussion Ensemble

Naghmeh Percussion Ensemble 

Naghmeh Percussion Ensemble performs rhythmic pieces on a tonbak, an Iranian wooden goblet drum and a daf, an Iranian Framedrum. The concert will demonstrate the effects and techniques of hand drumming along with some popular Iranian classical and folk music played on tar, Persian melodic instruments and vocals.   

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Finding the Spirit

Finding The Spirit

Experience this series of new short films about young Indigenous identity by imagineNATIVE, the world’s largest presenter of Indigenous screen content. imagineNATIVE is recognized around the world for excellence and innovation in programming, and as the global centre for Indigenous film and media arts.  Finding The Spirit brings the strength of love to the surface. […]

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