May 20–22, 2023

Tipi Showcase: Storytelling

Listen and Learn


Tipis play an important role in Indigenous culture; learn the many ways and stories of generations in this drop-in event.

Tipi showcase: Storytelling

Photo courtesy of the artist



Bajiishkaa-ogan enkaamigaag 

Miimaampii waanje kinoomowendwaa eshkeniigjig naandaan Bajiishka-ogenaan giinaakaasaan wiidaang, Miidaash gaywiinwaa daashitoowad bezhig Menikwenjigans daanaakaasnaa-aa, Lakota giibezekaamigad we nooswen Tipi – Bajiishka-ogaan, wiidaang minwaa endaayaang etming, Bgoji Bezheki Meshwegin giinakaasaam yeshkaad, minwaa Wiigwasaatigook, entaam shiigwaa gii jiishkiigegewog gii pkwenesgewog jebwa naakaaswa naandaan Meshwegenoong minwaa wiigwasaadigwan wewenenaa jewiinaagdwendaagosiiyad waadaa-aad gwaandak ChiMnskodeng gaadnaagkiijig Anishnaabeg. Jedaagwa giinsaaksen baangii shpeming wiisaagdaapte minwaa wii saaksing we miikaan Giizhegoong geynowaa gaaneniigaaniijig, Kwe-og giinedaagosiiwog wiipkaamowad wiichigaadeg naandaa Bajiishka -ogenaan. Naanaagoweyin giichigaade chitwa Mskode. 

Do you know where the word  “Tipi” comes from?* 

Listen to a story-teller share teachings about the Tipis: the spirit of the trees and buffalo are intended to protect the individuals and families within, the flap at the top is left open for smoke to escape and according to teachings, kept open to connect the persons inside with the Sky World, and women found the appropriate areas to locate Tipis and build them up for their families and communities.  

 *Translated into English from the Lakota peoples, who associate the word with “live in” and “home”.   

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Described audio introductory notes are available here and on campus via QR code.

Dates & Times

May 20
12pm – 12:30pm
2pm – 2:30pm

May 21
12pm – 12:30pm
2pm – 2:30pm

May 22
12:30pm – 1pm
2pm – 2:30pm


North Orchard

A setting in the trees at the very north-west end of our campus.


Wheelchair accessible

235 Queens Quay W

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8

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