May 22, 2023

All Nations Juniors + First Fire Dance 



Enjoy a performance of youth groups from Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre featuring music and dancing.

All Nations juniors + First Fire Dance

Photo by Brian Medina



Noong Ednaakiijig Eshniigjig Medwegaagejig 

Gwaandaak Eshniigjig aanke Mewiidoonaa Anishnaabe Zhegaawin Medwegaageyaad. Ene-she bigwad, miigeynwaa maagweyaad niiyaap eshi ngoodoweanngesewad minwaa ednaakiiwad. Wii-aanke miidowad maandaa Medwegegaan, ekwaa Zhansweboongad gii-maachtaawok, Bezhik ataam, gemaachpiich giimaanjiinok, noong benjijibayad, Cree, Dakota, Ojibwe, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee, Naangwadnoong gegwa Anishnaabe iiyowsek wiidbaabook geynoowaa. Nsaadwenaachgaasowak, ezhi gichipiitendaagosiiyad. Giiyaabe gwaa naangwaa Negaamook Medwegaagewod, egwendaa genaan gwaa wiinoondaagwad. 

Ntaam Mskode Niimwin 

Ntaam Mskode Niimwin kinoomachigaaswok Eshkiniijek Niizhwaaswe Piinish Mdaaswe shin Nswaaswe ensaaboongisjig. Maandaa wewene gekenchigaadek, Niiwing shenaagwad Niimedwin eckinoomaachigaaswad Skeniimwin, Biikskaa Niimwin, Baabgwaashning Niimwin, Minwaa, Kete Onaak Niimwin Kina Kinoomaadwin wii miisek Mshkiki Detebesen minwaa wiinaadmaagwad wewene wiibemaadsiiwad, minwaa wiiaankiienmowad ensaagizhigak. 

Giiyaabe Ntaam Niimjik daankiitanaa-aa wiinaakiitwaa-aad bebebkaan bemaadsinjin maampii Regent Park minwaa Cabbage town ednaakijik. 

All Nations Juniors + First Fire Dance 

Toronto Council Fire’s All Nations Juniors is a First Nations Pow Wow-style youth drum group that brings empowerment and identity to youth from many different nations and communities across Turtle Island, including Dakota, Ojibwe, Chippewa and Cree. The group is joined by First Fire Dance, which remixes four dance styles: contemporary, break dancing, hip hop and traditional hoop dancing. 

About Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre is an autonomous, vibrant cultural agency that involves and serves the Indigenous community with confidence for and commitment to their well-being. The Centre is guided by the use of our good minds to work for peace, harmony, and friendship. By working with the People of the Four Colours and like-minded organizations, we strengthen our cultural exchanges and support positive development in our communities. 

About All Nations Juniors

Each group member has been singing, dancing and practising their culture since they were babies. So, in 2012 when the drum group first met through Toronto Council Fire’s youth program, Embers, All Nation Juniors was born. The group has composed many songs, one of which, Everyone Welcome, was written by members Dakota Myran and Jayden Wemigwans. This Cree/Ojibwe song was composed in honour of all peoples across Turtle Island and tells a story that all dancers are welcome to come into the arena to dance and showcase their styles and culture.   

The group also sings many covers gifted to them by other Drum groups. Some of these songs they have been carrying for eight years, like the inter-tribal dance by the Smoke Trail Singers. This drum group has honoured ANJs by gifting them multiple songs to sing on the Pow Wow trail.   

About Anthony Gladue, All Nations Juniors Lead Drummer  

Anthony Gladue is Plains Cree from Kehewin Cree Nation. He graduated from the Centre for Indigenous Theatre and has performed since he was six. Gladue is a multi-disciplined artist, sharing his gifts across Canada. A traditional dancer, native Flute player, and Pow Wow singer, he works at Toronto Council Fire as the Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin Coordinator (I Am A Kind Man Coordinator) and one of the lead drummers for the All Nations Juniors.  

About First Fire Dance

First Fire is a dance program provided by the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre for youth of all backgrounds, ages 7 to 18. First Fire provides a safe space for youth to explore cultural identity in an urban environment. The program’s greatest strength is creating a sense of belonging and community for the youth involved. Throughout the program, we focus on traditional hoop, hip-hop and many other dance styles. Implemented throughout the program are the medicine wheel teachings to honour all nations and all life within it.   

First Fire was created in 2013-2014 by Dana Solomon; she had a vision of sharing her passion for the arts with her passion for the community. Today’s First Fire is run by Athena Tomes, once a first fire dancer herself; she now has the honour of carrying on that passion for dance and community and sharing it with the next generation.  

About Athena Tomes

Athena Tomes is the Akwe:go Coordinator at Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre and runs the First Fire dance program. Being of Ojibwe and Mi’kmaq descent, Tomes comes from a large family. She grew up in Toronto’s east end and loved to hoop dance. She uses hoop dance as a means of healing and having fun. 

Dates & Times

May 22
4pm – 5pm


Stage in the Park

A performance stage on our West Lawn

Outdoors; No formal seating

Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8

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