May 21, 2023

Make Trinidadian Doubles

Food Workshop

Trinidad and Tobago

Learn how to make Trinidadian Doubles with Chef Adisa Glasgow as part of Noir Experience.

Make Trinidadian doubles



Noir Experience is a Black chef collective showcasing the cuisine of the Black diaspora, from the Caribbean to Africa. The collective partners with local businesses, artists and musicians to create unique culinary experiences. 

In this workshop, learn how to make Trinidadian doubles and how each ingredient’s history transports you to Trinidad.  

About Chef Adisa Glasgow

Adisa Glasgow, who hails from South Oropouche, Trinidad and Tobago, owns Young Animal Catering Company and is known as Toronto’s Premium Caribbean chef. Chef Glasgow creates Italian and French food with a notably Trinidadian arc. Hot sauce, oxtail crepes, doubles with mango chutney and many more are staples to transport you back to the island. He is a founding member of the Noir Experience, supporting the Black community and providing a platform for chefs to be recognized and supported. 

About Noir Experience

Proudly rooted in Toronto, Canada, Noir Experience is a Black chef collective that challenges the mould of the culinary scene. We’ve created the Noir Experience to elevate Black and underrepresented communities and give all those an equal platform to showcase their culinary skills and create an experience for the public.  

Our chefs are vibrant and diverse, from the Caribbean to Africa. We offer a space for these chefs to thrive, infusing our history and ancestry into every bite. Through our growing network, we partner with local businesses, artists and musicians to create a unique culinary experience of meals with elevated style. 

Dates & Times

May 21
12pm – 1pm
3:30pm – 4:30pm

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Parents/Caregivers must remain present in the space for the duration of the workshop.

Allergy alert; Ingredients will include: flour, yeast, sugar, chickpeas, curry powder, cumin, turmeric powder, onion, garlic, oil, salt, pepper 

Please bring a Tupperware/container with you to the workshop to take your delicious food home.

This event has a standby line. Please arrive and check-in for your event 10 minutes prior to the start time. Just before the start of the event, unclaimed seats will be released to the standby line. Late admissions may be allowed at the discretion of the venue. Once a venue reaches capacity, no further ticket holders or standby registrants will be admitted. 


Lakeside Terrace


Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto ON M5J 2G8

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