May 21–23, 2022

Commitment Clothesline

Visual Arts Activity


Choose from two art activities that touch on environment and sustainability.

Sponge stamped tshirt with paint



What do you want to protect in the future for the world? Is it animals, plants, air, water, land, or people? 

Join the Harbourfront Centre School Visits team in this art-making activity that invites kids and adults to design two pieces of art expressing a message for environmental protection. 

Kids can choose from two activities:  

  1. A self-portrait to represent their commitment to environmental protection, which they will take home. 
  1. Create a mini, paper t-shirt that is part of a collective commitment to action: T-shirts will be added to a clothesline that will stay up for the entire JUNIOR festival! 

In a playful and creative way, we collectively commit to environmental protection and sustainability. All of our voices and actions are essential to create change for the future. 

Dates & Times

May 21
11am – 6pm

May 22
11am – 6pm

May 23
11am – 5pm


West Hallway

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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