May 23, 2022

Things We Can Eat From Outside

Indigenous Food Workshop


Come learn about edible plants, flowers and medicines in our local community!

Flowers collected for eating

Photo courtesy of the artist



Sample delicious Indigenous food and learn the history and traditions and recipes in our Indigenous Food Workshops. Harbourfront Centre’s kitchens come to life with workshops for children that target different age groups, allowing for hands-on learning and storytelling in a fun and creative learning space: the kitchen! Plus, food vendors will sell scrumptious traditional and unique Indigenous meals. Indigenous-led and curated by 50/50 Performing Arts Collective.

There are so many beautiful things to find outside the places we live. From our cities to forest floors and backyards, we live in a total abundance of edible foods we can enjoy. The Things We Can Eat from Outside workshop will focus on edible flowers, plants and medicines that you can find on walks through our communities. You will learn how to make spring flower juices, plant-infused butter, dandelion treats and Cedar tea. 

Skitaam Naangwaa biboong, Gijibitaan Anishnaabe Miijim, minwaa gaabesikaak, minwaa waashi digoongeng. Jiigbiikgaamig Jiibaakwegaamigoong aapje Maadsiimgad kinoomaadjigaaswaa binoojiinek noonz ensaaboongisjik, Wiinaankiiwad minwaa wiinoonmoowad debaajimoowiinaan, bekish minindaagesiiwad maampii enjishing gamigoong, Jiibaakwegaamgoong. Jaabaakwejig daa daawiinaa aapje Menpwagoog, maandaasikweok Waamiijing. Anishnaabek Niigaansiikdaanaawaa minwaa aaptaa nemdaabjik Performing Arts Collective. 

Á:se ne ki’ tsyohserà:te ! Ahsate’nyén:ton Onkwewehnéha na’kakhó:ten’s, táhnon aesewaweyentéhta’ne ayekhón:ni nok ó:ni tsi nityawé:non tsi nihotirihò:ten ne Onkwehón:we. Tsi yekhonya’táhkwa ne Harbourfront Centre, nya’teyorì:wake enwaterihwahtén:ti, ne nya’tehotí:yen’s ne ratiksa’okón:’a  ehonnon’wéhswen, tsi ní:yoht ne ayekaratónnyon, táhnon othé:nen ayekhón:ni tsi yekhonnya’táhkwa. Né:’e ó:ni enwá:ton ayehní:non nya’teyawekon’onhtsherò:ten na’kakhò:ten’s. Onkwehón:we ratihén:te táhnon 50/50 Performing Arts Collective enhatika’én:yon. 

About Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin

Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin (They Feed the People) is an Indigenous food sovereignty project that makes and distributes culturally relevant and nutritious meals, ceremonies and feasts for Indigenous elders and the community. 

About 50/50 Performing Arts Collective

50/50 Performing Arts Collective (represented by Cynthia Lickers-Sage and Candace Scott-Moore for this project) is an Indigenous-led organization headed by some of the most significant producers, presenters and creators from across Canada. They bring 40+ years of working in the festival circuit, both in organization and implementation. Activities range from the Tkaronto Music Festival (including the TKMF Festival and TKMF Presents series) to independent works contracted under the 50/50 brand. Their mission is to be a catalyst that elevates Indigenous performing arts and culture to the main stage.

Dates & Times

May 23
11:30am – 12:30pm
1:30pm – 2:30pm
3:30pm – 4:30pm


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