Anna Rikkinen

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Jewellery is one of the oldest cultural identifiers. Over 120,000 years ago, prehistoric humans engaged in this aesthetic, adorning their bodies with shell necklaces. Much like contemporary art, contemporary jewellery expands our view of society, culture, the world-at-large and ourselves. It differentiates itself from other craft practices because it isn’t one material. It can be […]

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Hjorth Ikonen for Eyes as Big as Plates

Nordic Collaborations

Five fascinating exhibitions from Nordic and Canadian artists explore human nature’s relationship, connection and disassociation with the natural world around them. Part of Nordic Bridges, Harbourfront Centre’s year-long cultural initiative celebrating Nordic art, culture and ideas in Canada. 1. Animal Vegetable Mineral, curated by Melanie Egan 2. Fuglakvæðið (The Bird Ballad), original paintings – Edward […]

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Woven Spaces – Woven Forms

Woven Spaces – Woven Forms is a technical weaving exploration of the triple weave technique, which allows a weaver to create multiple planes of fabric simultaneously as they weave on the loom. I am interested in how this technique can be applied to speculative architecture and other three-dimensional forms by intersecting these layers with one […]

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Brad Turner typifies the artistic concept of flow or “being in the zone”. It’s about focus and complete absorption in the process – full engagement of embodied knowledge and letting the material lead the way.  Turner is a maker with superb talent. He has an innate understanding of glass and exploits its characteristics to maximum […]

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Elegant Gestures

Patrycja Zwierzynska is a self-described process artist. In this current body of work, the material’s characteristics guide her, determining how her hands manipulate and form a series of unique organic forms. The individual elements of the neckpieces could be regarded as beads. The image of beads running through her fingers as she creates each individual […]

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renzo piano building workshop

Piece by Piece

This exhibition comprises 11 projects designed to reflect RPBWs’ working process. The selected works present the diversity in geography and time of the architectural production. Visitors experience a world-tour of sorts that provides impressions of the firms’ DNA, connecting vastly different projects by a design approach that is driven by the specific context of each […]

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Bruce Cochrane and their exhibition

Down to Earth

Ceramic artist Bruce Cochrane evokes history, using simple clay slabs and transforming them into something that exists as both ancient and functionally modern. “The work in this exhibition reveals my ongoing interest in the structure of pottery form as it has evolved from a more traditional background. In contrast to previous work, clay’s gesture and […]

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Exhibition image


Using textiles, artist Meghan Price takes woven cloth and perspective to skew our view of a simple concept of a grid and how that interacts with our concept of scale and space. “The grid is commonly employed as a stable matrix and fixed standard, but a malleable woven grid is made when its axes are […]

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Steph Cloutier's Mapping Out Calm Exhibition

Mapping Out Calm

Artist-in-Residence Steph Cloutier incorporates materials such as cotton paper pulp and lake water to mirror the physical place the exhibition is located and its connection to the waterfront. “Mapping Out Calm is part of my ongoing investigation in material exploration using handmade paper.  I have spent most of my life near the body of a […]

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Clouds of Colour

Clouds of Colour

This piece, commissioned for Harbourfront Centre’s main entrance foyer will be conceived as both drawing and sculpture. Hundreds of units will be hung from single points creating a tactile setting filled with line, colour and movement that activates this passageway and gathering place. The accumulation of multiple units of formed wire, ranging in size will […]

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Suzie Larke self portrait


Unseen uses conceptual photography to depict the experiences of struggle by a group of participants. Suzie Larke uses constructed imagery, digitally stitching photographs together so that they present as a single, untampered image. Using this “magical realism” to transform pictures that take every day and skew it, she creates images that interpret the subjective experience […]

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This is Not a Rehabilitation Project

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen’s work deals with disability politics, aesthetics of assistive devices and gender issues related to disabled women. Her presentation will be part working artist’s studio and part exhibition space of her most notable recent mixed media work alongside pieces created during this Artist-in-Residency.

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Artist Syrus Marcus Ware

Activist Wallpaper

This new wall work explores BIPOC disability activism in the arts and in media and is a tribute and celebration of Black Deaf Olympian and artist Courage Bacchus. 

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A tattoo of Gudrun Hasle's work

My Words

Displayed throughout Harbourfront Centre’s Artport building, written sentences appear in expected and unexpected places. The sentences deal with feelings of loneliness, unbelonging and reflections on what it feels like to be marginalized, all designed to create a safe space to spark conversation and connection. 

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Wy Joung Kou

Mycelium: Interdependence in the Undergrowth

This mosaic reflects the thriving ecology and abundance of life in places seemingly full of decay and stillness. It highlights the growth patterns, movement, beauty and commotion created by the interdependent organisms that exist all around the forest floor’s detritus. It captures a snapshot of the creatures who make homes in the undergrowth, taking time […]

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Artist David Bobier works on his piece

Not Born Yesterday, Not Going Away

Deaf and disabled people worldwide have a long history of artistic expression.   Still, Deaf and disability art is relatively unknown or is perceived as an innovation to established forms.   Not Born Yesterday, Not Going Away celebrates the long history of Deaf and disability art, connecting living artists with their chosen ancestors. It aims to create […]

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Part of Shared Terrain

Shared Terrain

Shared Terrain is a group exhibition that fosters cultural exchange between the Nordic Region and Canada. This exhibition is structured around exchange and conversation between ten creatives from distant locations who are collaborating with each other for the first time.   Artists and designers from Canada and the Nordic Region are paired in five groups, working […]

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A Glass blown orb

Body Language

Danica Drago and Victoria Guy resist the stereotypical and harmful assumptions and presumptions made about the body, personhood and lived experience. Their works in ceramics, glass and mixed-media reflect upon the body as site, inspiration and the ultimate instrument to mediate meaning through making. Drago and Guy celebrate material intent and process as the language […]

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Wooden carvings displayed in the exhibition

Design Matters

Design Matters presents objects and methods of design and fabrication that soon may become part of our everyday lives. In a world facing major challenges, from the threat of climate change to adapt to an increasingly digitized society, most people will agree that we must start to produce and consume in new ways. The exhibition, curated […]

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Nordic Lights

We welcome our audiences back for illuminating outdoor winter experiences, starting with Nordic Lights, a dazzling display of Nordic and Canadian light art, co-produced with Fjord Studio. 

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Sense Light Swings exhibition

Sense Light Swing

The Sense Light Swing is a light fixture that is also a moving, eye-catching work of art. The fixture’s shape comes from a hanging swing for children; Alexander Lervik’s concept for Sense Light Swing was created for the 2005 show “Five Playful Chairs.” The seat of the swing, made from transparent acrylic, is lit from within by a strip […]

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Pressure light exhibition


Pressure is a piece consisting of a 300-metre long RGB-LED hose shaped like a doodle wrapped in the construction. Flashes of impulses whip around in the LED doodle and run towards each other while shifting colour and giving the expression of a digitally-stressed doodle.

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Great Minds Light Exhibition

Great Minds

Great Minds is a dynamic monument that praises the birth of ideas and relates to all creative people. Light work appears in the form of two monumental brains in dialogue, performing active, luminous brainstorming – the unavoidable phase of each creative process – and figuratively using light to emphasize births of unique ideas and sparkling […]

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