abstract glass sculpture

Victoria Guy

Victoria Guy was born and raised in GTA. Victoria has had strong interest in art since a young age, her passion eventually leading her to enrolling in Sheridan College’s Honorary Bachelors of Craft and Design specializing in glass. Victoria creates sculptures of the female torso in glass, using layers of opaque colours which she carves […]

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Jennifer MacDonald

Jennifer MacDonald is a recent graduate of the Sheridan College Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design. Her textile practice embraces surface design, printing, dye processes and sewing. Recently she has begun to study the ancient craft of felting. Wool felt provides a material perspective for the simple, pared-down shapes and colour play that generally inform […]

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Natalie King

Natalie King is a queer interdisciplinary Anishinaabe artist, facilitator and member of Timiskaming First Nation. King’s arts practice ranges from video, painting, sculpture and installation as well as community engagement, curation and arts administration. King is currently a Programming Coordinator at Xpace Cultural Centre in Tkaronto. Often involving portrayals of queer femmes, King’s works are […]

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Saydee Chandler

Saydee Chandler is a multidisciplinary maker living and working in Toronto. She obtained her BDes from the Material Art & Design program at OCAD University, where she specialized in textile design and sculpture. She is also a recent graduate of George Brown College, having graduated from the Jewellery Arts Program where she studied goldsmithing. Her […]

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black vase

Delaney Gillett

Delaney Gillett was born in Burlington, Ontario in 1998. After graduating high school in 2016, she began her glassmaking journey at Sheridan College in 2018. Delaney focuses on making sculptural glass work with an emphasis on form, colour, and texture. Her thesis project in 2021 was based on her appreciation for the natural world, and […]

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glass honeypot

Reid Ferguson

Reid Ferguson is an emerging craftsperson based in Toronto. A graduate of the Sheridan College Craft and Design program, Reid works primarily in glass and concrete. His work is heavily influenced by graffiti and the everchanging urban landscape. Placing emphasis on texture and contrast, Reid depicts the constant struggle between natural and human forces.

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a balance scale

april martin

april martin is a process based sculptor from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. She creates ceramics, textiles, sculptures and poetry that investigate the materiality, magic, and energy of weather and landscape. She holds a BA from McGill University (2009) and a BFA from Concordia in Montreal (2014). In 2016 she completed her MFA in Sculpture at The […]

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person looking at art on the wall

Ji Huang

Ji Huang is an international glass artist whose work explores the changing dynamic between craft and culture through material experimentation. Ji’s work employs master techniques while reinventing traditional craft through cultural amalgamation. Ji was intrigued by a Chinese lacquer technique called Xi Pi, and became captivated by the idea of generations of craftspeople accumulating technical […]

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lemons around two glass cups

Nadira Narine

Raised in Panama City, Panama, Nadira Narine has an interest in her cultural roots and Panama’s rich history. Having lived in Canada for the past seven years, she explores traditional Panamanian objects and patterns. Narine explores these topics for the purpose of self-exploration and a sense of connection to home. Nadira was accepted as an […]

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Akash Inbakumar

Akash Inbakumar’s practice, based in Tkaronto / Toronto, explores the queering of the human body in relation to material and craft practices. Entering partnerships with multiple mediums, tools and processes (material-kinship), they conceive material-kin. These kin become symbols of the symbiotic relationships that were built during their conception but also gateways to Akash’s futuristic worlding. […]

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Olivia Mae Sinclair

Olivia Mae Sinclair is a textile-book artist. Her intuitive and trauma-based practice is guided by sloppy craft and imperfection. She is addicted to infatuation and Redbull. She is a maker of books, love and other grotesque things. She has recently graduated from OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design program. She earned her […]

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Melody Juthamongkol

Melody Juthamongkol is a Thai-Taiwanese aspiring art jeweller currently based in Toronto. Her practice focuses on fabricating one-of-a-kind narrative art jewellery pieces; working mainly in depletion gilded sterling silver. She draws inspiration from the natural world of flora, fauna, and foliage which are depicted in miniature. With an intent for audiences to experience joy upon […]

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two loon sculptures

Zoë Pinnell

Zoë Pinnell is a maker of decorated functional and sculptural forms. She briefly attended NSCAD University and then received a BA of Craft and Design from Sheridan College (2020). Influenced by historical patterns, Victorian symbolism, tchotchke objects, and floral motifs, Zoë also observes the life and death of the garden and its inhabitants providing inspiration […]

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Moraa Stump

Moraa Stump is a Canadian, Kenyan artist and maker. Using textile techniques, Stump’s practice repurposes mixed medias and materials to make 2d images and soft sculptures. Stump’s work seeks to widen the scope of possibility and imagination when confronting the themes of race, physical space and safety. Having spent her formative years growing up in […]

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Rob Raeside

Rob Raeside completed studies in glass at Sheridan College in 2014 where he was selected as the recipient of the Daniel Crichton Memorial Award. Raeside has been experimenting with a sculptural series named Summa. Inspired by functional glass objects such as wine decanters and perfume bottles, these forms are stripped of their utilitarian nature then […]

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Hyunjung Lee

Hyunjung Lee is a Toronto based textile and fashion designer. She has obtained an Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design specializing in Textiles and a Fashion Arts diploma. Coming from the commercial fashion industry, much of her work takes a three-dimensional form and is built with a functional purpose. Currently inspired by resist techniques worldwide, […]

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Steph Cloutier

Steph Cloutier is a francophone artist from Toronto, Canada. She received her BFA with Distinction in Sculpture and Installation, minoring in Material Arts and Design (Textiles) at OCAD University. She is a multidisciplinary artist driven by process, materiality and transformation. She is interested in the realms of architecture, urbanity and nature, the permanent and the […]

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Kayla Jungkyun Lim

Kayla Lim is Toronto based jewellery artist. She obtained her bachelor degree in Fashion Design from South Korea, where she was born and raised. She continued her passion for design in Jewellery and graduated with numerous awards from the Jewellery Art Program at George Brown College (2017). Kayla’s work focuses on creating movement and contrast […]

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Elfy Castro

“As an ongoing transformation, my work oscillates between industrial design, the visual and the material arts. I use places and bodies as a space to reimagine what we perceive as quotidian. By integrating traditional and modern techniques of production, as well as sustainable media, I create work that immerses viewers in diverse aesthetic worlds, where […]

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Lena Binnington

Lena Binnington is a Toronto-based goldsmith and 2019 graduate from the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College. Her BA in fine art and environmental studies from the University of Toronto greatly inform her current work as a metalsmith, and with a lifetime of experience as a modern dancer she also seeks to express movement […]

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Shannon Weston

Shannon Weston is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Crafts and Design program majoring in Ceramics. She creates stylized figurative ceramic sculptures that are adorned with tactile designs inspired by African scarification. Shannon is fascinated by body art and modification. Her work is based on ideas of self-discovery through cultural practice. Throughout her work, Shannon focuses […]

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Juliana Scherzer

Juliana Scherzer is a textile artist working primarily in free-motion machine embroidery and quilted leaves. Her work explores the duality of the known and unknown roles of textiles in our everyday lives, as explored through the themes of biology, mending, community, and environmentalism. After graduating from Sheridan College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Craft […]

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Ceramic mug

Danica Drago

Danica Drago is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, working mainly in ceramics. Their practice as a tool- and object-maker investigates the relationships we have to the way objects are made and the materials they are made of. Danica creates both functional and conceptual works that encourage a collaborative interaction between factors of risk, failure and uncertainty, all […]

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