Orchestra playing music on an outdoor concert stage.

Canadian Opera Company 2024

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two drummer players on stage

Kazé (Wind)

Nagata Shachu Japanese Taiko and Music Group proudly present “Kazé” featuring master bamboo flutist from Japan, Toki Tatara as part of its 27th annual 2024-2025. The acclaimed ensemble will collaborate with Tatara in a performance that will seamlessly combine the worlds of shinobue (bamboo flute), taiko, and the three-stringed shamisen while exploring new possibilities for […]

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Group of musicians holding musical instruments posing for the camera.

Kuné World

Join us on Canada Day for Canada’s global orchestra, Kuné World. This 11-piece band explores and celebrates Canada’s cultural diversity through the shared language of music with artists hailing from all corners of the globe, from Peru, Burkina Faso, China, Iran and beyond, and, together, they create a sound that is at once global and […]

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Two musicians sitting on chairs and looking into the distance.

Blue Moon Marquee

JUNO-nominated, Alberta-based duo Blue Moon Marquee writes and performs original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves.  Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy a free swing dance lesson before the band takes the stage.  Then, prepare to jump and jive with these talented artists. 

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Three musicians looking into the camera and posing with musical instruments.

De Temps Antan

Formed by singers and multi-instrumentalists Pierre-Luc Dupuis, Éric Beaudry and David Boulanger, De Temps Antan provide a surprising – and surprisingly exploratory – experience, rooted in time and memory. Using fiddle, accordion, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki and a number of other instruments, the three virtuosos blend boundless energy with the unmistakable joie de vivre found only in traditional Quebec […]

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Group of African musicians sitting together in a group looking at the camera.

Okavango African Orchestra

Multiple instruments, languages and countries define Okavango African Orchestra, a JUNO Award-winning ensemble of African-born musicians living in Toronto and Montreal. The orchestra brings together the music and instruments of several African cultures to create a common meeting place and new musical language that harmonizes different tuning systems, rhythms and timbres.   

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Group of musicians against a dark background looking into the camera.


Join the kitchen party with Acadian French band Beauxmont!  Blending modern and traditional instruments, this six-member band from New Brunswick skillfully captivate their audience with the famous joie de vivre Acadians are so well known for.  While they definitely give a nod to the swampy sounds of their Cajun cousins from Louisiana, the sound is […]

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Female musician playing guitar on a stage.


Fusing psychedelic rock, dub and Afrobeat grooves with northeast Brazilian rhythms and Tropicalia influences from the classic ’70s era, Brazilian Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jerusa Leão, aka JER, creates an eclectic sound that challenges preconceived notions of what constitutes traditional Brazilian music. 

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Group of musicians playing instruments and singing outdoors.

Tio Chorinho With Flávia Nascimento

Tio Chorinho is the first ensemble in Canada dedicated to performing choro music, the “New Orleans jazz of Brazil.” Exciting, intimate, nostalgic and virtuosic, choro is an infectious urban folk style whose universal appeal belies its musical complexity. Tio Chorinho embraces and extends the authentic spirit of choro, thrilling audiences of all backgrounds with astonishing musicianship and easy-going charm on […]

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Crystal Shawanda posing in front of a blue background.

Crystal Shawanda

Presented by OLG, celebrate with multiple JUNO Award-winning artist Crystal Shawanda and enjoy a powerful live music performance. Weaving country and soul for a fresh Indigenous sound, Shawanda’s Anishinaabe roots are essential to her music, offering a modern take on the blues, deeply rooted in emotional lyrics and catchy hooks. Following the performance, come hang […]

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Woman holding a string instrument outdoors by the water.

The Joining Of Light

The newest member of the Bang-On-A-Can All-Stars, Arlen Hlusko, plays solo Bach in addition to a program of works that speak to the power of hope and community through darkness.  “The Joining of Light” ties together works composed in the past few years, with works written hundreds of years ago. Many of the pieces were created in […]

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Group of musicians holding musical instruments.

From Toronto To Kyoto

From Steve Reich’s “Music for Pieces of Wood,” “Mallet Quartet” and John Psathas’ “Kyoto”, these talented young percussionists explore groove, pulse and timbre with unrivalled joy and rhythmic energy. The concert will start with two pieces by American composer Steve Reich, one of the most celebrated composers of our time. Many of his works feature percussion […]

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Group of musicians holding musical instruments.

The Family That Sings Together

Prepare for a transformative visceral experience with traditional toasting, work, dance and songs reflecting on the fleeting and eternal from Sakartvelo (also known as Georgia), a small, ancient and mountainous country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Ori Shalva, the Makharashvili family, is the first singing family of Georgian origins to perform, teach […]

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Woman smiling at the camera.

Songs Of Faith, Hope And Love

Enjoy an afternoon of gospel and inspirational songs of faith, hope and love with Melissa Davis and friends.

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Musician playing an electric guitar against a gold background.

Nichol Robertson’s Country All-Stars

In the playground of country music, Nichol Robertson exposes beauty, improvises possibilities and explores its dangerous outer limits.

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A line of drummers playing drums with their hands in the air.

The Art Of Expression

A word that means drum and dance in Swahili, Ngoma is a virtuosic multi-generational drum and dance ensemble that embraces and shares their African ancestry, with contemporary hints of Afrobeat, Latin rhythms and hip-hop. 

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Group of musicians standing against a white backdrop.

From Baghdad To Toronto

A musical journey from Baghdad to Toronto that combines the warmth of Arabic Maqam and the groove of Africa with the energy and joy of jazz, funk and reggae.  The performance will take you on a captivating voyage through Baghdad, Iraq’s rich sounds and rhythms. The warmth of Maqam and the groove of Africa inherited by […]

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Group of musicians posing with string instruments.

Tango and Diaspora

Take a deep dive into the origin story of the tango, including klezmer, Yiddish and Argentine Jewish tango, plus original music by Rebekah Wolkstein. They will perform music from their newest album, Silent Tears – the Last Yiddish Tango, which hit #1 on the world music charts in Europe. Tango music developed in the slums of […]

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Group of musicians posing for the camera in front of a yellow background.

From Tehran to Casablanca

The group will treat listeners to new arrangements of folk and old popular music in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek and some crossovers in English/French. Opa Yallah will perform several original compositions inspired by these styles along with these selections. There is a common thread in these musical cultures’ melodies, rhythms and poetry, which Opa Yallah […]

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Two musicians holding a violin sitting outdoors.

From Canada To Cuphead

“From Canada to Cuphead” is a program carefully curated by Duo Holz for Summer Music in the Garden. It follows the duo’s current direction of showcasing Canadian composers in diverse works for violin and percussion, this time with an exciting new premiere by Matthias McIntire supported by Harbourfront Centre. Audiences can expect styles ranging from […]

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Asian woman playing a string musical instrument.

Scenic Sojourn

Take a journey across many cultural regions of China through the sounds of their music, played on Guzheng, Erhu, Pipa and Dizi.

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Two musicians dressed in black pose for the camera.

The Nine Maidens

Experience a musical journey like no other as Ménestrel performs old music in an intimate show with their unique blend of voices, plucked strings and violin. Their performance, a fusion of ayres and ballads, will recount the transience of good fortune in the life of a voyager. In The Nine Maidens, these English-language folk songs will paint vivid […]

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Three musicians sitting on a couch.


Tarolinbak is an instrumental ensemble featuring the unconventional combination of tar, violin and tonbak/daf at the crossroads of modal music from Iran and beyond. Led by a masterful trio of musicians Shahin Fayaz (tar), Bijan Sepanji (violin) and Naghmeh Farahmand (tonbak/daf), this dynamic ensemble made its debut recording at the beginning of the pandemic in […]

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Audience watching an orchestra play music.

Up And Coming

An incubator for Canada’s elite talent, the National Youth Orchestra of Canada brings its best and brightest stars to the Music Garden for a summer chamber music concert. Bringing a fresh perspective to everything they play, these musicians are unmatched in exuberance. Come and experience the next generation of Canada’s orchestras. 

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