Students with whiteboards outdoors

Urban Studies: Sustainable City

Using the waterfront community as a model, students will assess the past, present and future manifestations of the community through the lens of sustainability. 

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A group of students gathered outside Old City Hall

Urban Studies: Kensington Market & Chinatown

Encounter a kaleidoscope of culture in two of Toronto’s most exciting and diverse communities! In this workshop, your students will understand changing demographic patterns and uncover the fascinating cultural histories of Kensington Market and Chinatown.   Students will arrive onsite at Harbourfront Centre and participate in a 30-45-minute introductory presentation describing the history of Kensington Market […]

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Printmaking: Young Collagraph

Through examination of Inuit prints, your students gain an understanding of the printmaking process and insight into how Inuit artists draw inspiration from the world around them.  With the support of our artist educators, your students will explore the collagraph printmaking process by collaging an imaginary animal using textured materials then ink and print at […]

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Printmaking: Reduction Lino

Reduction printmaking is both beautiful and challenging. Students will be supported through the reduction process, carving away their soft linoleum blocks to create colourful, layered prints. Students draw inspiration from examining works by prominent artists, focusing on prints by Inuit artists. Students will learn about editions and leave with their unique prints. 

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Printmaking: Collagraph

Students will examine printed artwork by celebrated artists. They will discover texture through the art of collagraph – a relief collage used to make prints. Best of all, students will leave with a series of colourful prints. 

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Painting: Watercolour Trees

Discover why artists are passionately drawn to trees as inspiration for artmaking. Harbourfront Centre’s campus allows students excellent opportunities to study trees. From dry brushes to washes, discover the creative possibilities of watercolour. Your students will be inspired by historical and contemporary works of art, explore drawing and painting techniques and gain a deeper understanding […]

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Indigenous Studies: Exploring Treaties

What do Treaties, Land Acknowledgements and the word “reconciliation” mean? What should we do to foster a positive and reciprocal relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities?   Let’s go beyond the buzzwords and find out what happened in our history, starting in Tkaronto. 

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Clay: Masks

Students explore the far-reaching traditions of making masks across a variety of cultures, with a focus on Indigenous masks of Canada. These masks inspire students to make their unique clay sculptures. 

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A student working with clay listens to their instructor

Clay: Building Beasts

Welcome to the exciting world of sculptural beasts! Your students learn about gargoyles, totem poles, sphinxes and grotesques and create a ceramic sculpture inspired by the building beasts of history. 

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