Printmaking – Lino

How can our everyday lives be a source of inspiration for a series of prints?

Program Description

Your students will be introduced to a brief history of relief printmaking by examining the artworks of prominent artists, focusing on prints by Inuit artists. Students will design, carve and print a series of colourful relief prints. Students will learn the techniques of relief printmaking using a soft linoleum block. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the Printmaking – Lino program, students will:

  • Discover the history of printmaking by examining prominent artists, focusing on prints by Inuit artists.
  • Explore relief carving techniques to produce line, texture, pattern and positive and negative space in printmaking.
  • Demonstrate the safe use of lino carving tools to produce a printing block.
  • Produce several colourful prints using a soft linoleum printing block.

Support Material

To enhance your pre and post-visit learning, please download the package for this program.

Booking Details

Grades 4–12 (Half-Day)

Available all year

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Program Categories

Onsite Program, Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft