smiling man gesturing in sign language
Signmark, Finnish Deaf rapper. Photo by Marco Vuoriheimo

CoMotion Festival, curated by Alex Bulmer, celebrates new ideas and expressions by Deaf and disabled artists in a multidisciplinary program including visual arts, music, performances, digital art, workshops and panel discussions. 

With 30 professional years across theatre, television, film, radio and education, Bulmer is dedicated to intersectional collaborative art practice, fueled by a curiosity of the improbable and deeply informed by her experience of becoming blind. 

Disability is political. Disability is community. Disability is identity. Disability is an experience of living in a world that is dominated by a “one size fits one” design.  

“Art isn’t good for disability; disability is good for art.”

Eliza Chandler, disabled artist and scholar 

Supported by the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, NEXT Magazine and Iceland Air