April 26–27, 2022

Scored in Silence

Solo Digital Performance


A solo digital sign language performance about the Deaf survivors of the bomb in Hiroshima.

Chisato Minamimura

Photo by Mark Pickthall


Scored in Silence is a solo digital sign language performance by London-based Deaf Japanese artist Chisato Minamimura. The show unpacks the hidden perspectives of Deaf people from the small number that survived the horrors of the atomic bomb atrocity in Japan in 1945.   

Survivors of the A-bomb are known as “hibakusha,” and the final performance is based on a period of research, interviews and original films of elderly Deaf people with lived experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   

Minamimura brings these untold narratives into stark relief, touching upon the atrocity of the event and its aftermath, including the layers of discrimination experienced by these isolated members of Japanese society.   

About Chisato Minamimura

Chisato Minamimura is a Deaf dance artist and an art guide born in Japan and now based in London, England. Having trained at Trinity Laban in London, she secured a Masters at Yokohama National University. She also has a BA in Japanese Painting. Minamimura has created, promoted, performed and taught dance in over 40 locations across 20 countries, including three years as a company member of the internationally renowned CandoCo Dance Company. She has been involved in aerial performances with Graeae Theatre Company, the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony and The Rio 2016 Paralympic Cultural Olympiad. Minamimura approaches choreography from her unique perspectives as a Deaf artist, creating what she calls “visual sound and music.” Alongside international cutting-edge digital artists working in sound, projection, vibration and animation, she often uses mathematical scores to create her choreography with professional dancers and aims to enhance the experience of dance and performance without music; instead, creating visual sound. 

Accessibility Information

This performance is presented in BSL with English voiceover, Audio Description and Captioned versions available.  

Dates & Times

April 26

Performance available for 24 hours

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