Urban Studies – Harbourfront Centre Discovery Walk

How can a comparison of different communities lead to a better understanding of the world? 

Program Description

Students enjoy a truly experiential learning opportunity as they explore our 10-acre campus, building connections between the relevant social studies or science curriculum areas. Discover the beauty of Harbourfront Centre’s waterfront community and everything it has to offer! 

Kindergarten: Community Helpers 

Grades 1–3: The Waterfront Community 
Grade 1: The Local Community (SS) 
Grade 2: Global Communities (SS) 
Grade 3: Living and Working in Ontario (SS) 

Grades 4–6: Aquatic Habitats and Biodiversity 
Grade 4: Aquatic Habitats (SCI) 
Grade 5: Conservation of Energy and Resources (SCI) 
Grade 6: Life Systems: Biodiversity (SCI) 

Program Objectives

By the end of the Urban Studies – Harbourfront Centre Discovery Walk program, students will:

  • Investigate the key components of a community.

  • Encounter, identify and discuss these elements in Toronto’s Waterfront community.

  • Use key terminology as related to community in an appropriate way.

  • Investigate the key relationships between humans and the environment within urban communities (Grades 4–6 only).

    Support Material

    To enhance your pre and post-visit learning, please download the package for this program.

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    Grades K–6 (Half-Day)

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    Onsite Program, Urban Studies