Sailing & Powerboating Courses

Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating is an internationally recognized Sail Canada ‘Centre of Excellence in Training’ Facility, with courses that provide comprehensive theory and practical on-water experience.

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Registration for the coming year will begins January 1, 2022.

Basic Sailing

Intro to Sailing
2 hours / $140

If you’ve never been on a boat before, you may wish to try one of our introductory experiences before you embark on a full course. Try our introduction to sailing program, and have one of our professional instructors show you the ropes. Two hours in Toronto’s beautiful harbour, and you will see what a fun and adventurous activity sailing really is.  

If you decide you would like to further your sailing skills, you have the opportunity to credit 50% of your Intro Course to a Basic Course to gain your Sail Canada certification.  

Sail Canada Basic Cruising
28 hours / $755

On-the-water experience is the best way to build basic boat handling, sail theory and safety techniques. Smaller custom designed keelboats make learning easier and build confidence. That’s why we have a 98% success rate. This course is the first level of four graduated Sail Canada programs designed to equip you for ocean passages. Course graduates receive internationally recognized certification.  PCOC included.

Ask about our Basic Cruising Graduate $98 membership!  

Dinghy Sailing

Sail Canada Basic Dinghy – CanSail 1&2
24 hours / $485

This course is designed for complete beginners to dinghy sailing, and also for those wishing to improve their skills and develop their experience. Based on the nationally recognized Sail Canada CANSail 1&2 standard, this course is taught onboard our RS Zests, Fevas and Laser Picos.  You will learn fundamental sailing concepts such as direction and balance in this fun and challenging course. 

Sail Canada Intermediate Dinghy – CanSail 3&4
24 hours / $495

HCSP’s Intermediate Dinghy standard is designed for students who have achieved their CANSail 1&2 levels, and want to learn advanced sailing skills. This course will gain you CANSail 3&4 accreditation, and includes training in advanced boat handling, boat acceleration, racing fundamentals, sail theory and spinnaker work. We encourage those that attain this level to join the club as a member and enjoy a season of on-water adventure with the amazing backdrop of Toronto’s world class skyline.  Note that certain dinghy manoeuvres involve getting wet so bring a change of clothes!  

Note that certain dinghy manoeuvres involve getting wet, so bring a change of clothes!  

Online Theory Refresher Courses

Basic Cruising Theory
8 hours (2 Saturdays, 9am – 1pm) / $255

This Basic Cruising online refresher course is designed for students to improve and retrain their knowledge of the theory component of this Sail Canada standard. This course includes comprehensive theory on many aspects, including; the rules of the road; knot tying; safe anchoring; weather; coping with emergencies; nautical charts and much more. It is conducted in the off-season with a live instructor to teach and assist students throughout. It is ideal for those that need to prepare for the theory exam, or simply want to refresh their knowledge before the start of the season.

Basic Power Theory
8 hours (2 Saturdays, 9am – 1pm) / $255

The Basic Power online refresher course is intended for students that want to reeducate their understanding of the Basic Power theory modules of this Sail Canada standard. A live instructor will guide and teach students through wide-ranging theory, including; trouble shooting motors; preventative maintenance; towing; selecting an anchorage; weather; determining safe loads; safety equipment; safe refueling and more. This course is ideal for those looking to improve their safe practice knowledge to assist with operating their own boat, and/or those that want to prepare for their theory exam.  

Please note, that Sail Canada requires Basic Cruising and/or Basic Power students to complete the theory exam within one year of passing their practical exam in which to gain the full standard and certification. Those students that fall outside of this one-year completion cycle, must re-take their practical. If you would like more information about this, please call our offices.  

Beyond the Basics

Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising
5 days live-aboard / $ 1215  

This course is designed for the Basic Cruising graduate or sailor with equivalent experience. You will perform controlled sailing manoeuvres, prepare meals aboard and pilot the vessel — as both skipper and crew — into an unfamiliar harbour or anchorage. Upon completion, you will be qualified for the internationally recognized Sail Canada Intermediate Standard, the recommended minimum certification for bareboat chartering. 

Bareboat Skipper & International Certificate of Competency (ICC)
3 hours / $395

On completion of the Intermediate Cruising course, students have the opportunity to add on the Bareboat Skipper exam; and upon successful completion of this, students will automatically receive the International Certificate of Competency certification also. The pricing includes the exam,and the IYT processing fee (ICC Certificate)  

For more information contact Clive Smith at 416 203 3000 or

Navigation Courses

Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation
19 hours / $455

Charts, aids to navigation, and use of navigation instruments, plus course plotting.  A prerequisite for the Intermediate Cruising Standard.

Sail Canada Intermediate Coastal Navigation
19 hours / $325

Running fixes, set & drift plus tides and currents.  A prerequisite for the Advanced Cruising Standard.

Sail Canada Full Standard Navigation
38 hours / $725

This course includes Basic & Intermediate Navigation. A comprehensive program designed to develop navigation skills.

Sail Canada Celestial Navigation
38 hrs / $595
Prerequisite: Full Standard Navigation

Find your position anywhere on the planet using the sun and the stars. From basic concepts to Sun-Run-Sun and more, plus how to use a Sextant and the Sight Reduction Tables using HO 249. 

International Yacht Training

Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating offers the IYT Bareboat Skipper and Yachtmaster Certification in conjunction with International Yacht Training Worldwide. Successful candidates are awarded a prestigious “Master of Yachts 200 Tonnes” Certificate of Competency – a commercial endorsement for operating power or sailing vessels for those wishing to become professional yachters.  

International Master of Yachts (MOY) Limited (Offshore) 200 Tonnes   

50 hours / $1,995

This course, intended for knowledgeable crew with sufficient on-the-water experience, is a commercial 200 Tonne Masters Certificate of Competency for operating vessels, sail or power, up to 150 nautical miles from a safe haven.

1 Week / $3095 USD

YDates for this course, conducted in Florida, are available upon request. Fee includes certification, course material and tax.

International Master of Yachts (MOY) Unlimited (Offshore) 200 Tonnes   

40 hrs / $1995
Prerequisite: MOY Limited (Offshore)

This course includes 40-hours of classroom work which includes celestial navigation, pilot planning and passage planning.   

Powerboating Courses

Introduction to Powerboating
1.5 hours / $130

This course is meant to educate beginner boaters so that they can make educated decisions regarding boat This course is meant to educate beginner boaters so that they can make educated decisions regarding boat ownership and usage. Though no certificate is issued, the session provides hands-on experience and builds confidence with time aboard and in the driver’s seat.

This introduction gives an overview to some of the main components covered in the Basic Power Boating syllabus. After an introductory talk on equipment and personal safety, we will head to the boat to familiarize yourself with the controls and operation. Some confined space turning, docking and slow speed maneuvers will give insight into confident boating 

Sail Canada Basic Power Course
18 hours / $595

This two-day course focuses on building confidence and providing core skills to safe and competent outboard and inboard operation. Focusing primarily on safety, docking, slow and high speed manoeuvres, you will learn proficient techniques across a number of other areas.   PCOC Included.

Saturday / 9am – 6pm  

Introduction and safety equipment  

Boat familiarization and operation  

Slow-speed – Prop Walk, Figure 8s  

Leaving and docking  

Theory on different types of craft, engines and drives  

High-speed S-turns, U-turns, P-turns and stopping  

Anchoring, securing to a buoy, towing  

Confined-space turning and recovery  

Sunday / 9am – 6pm  

Introduction to navigation  

Practice Saturday’s slow-speed manoeuvres  

Man-overboard session  

Boatyard walk to look at hulls and drives  

Coastal navigation practical passage  

Boat handling under high speed  

Debriefing and where to go from here  

Own Boat Tuition

Looking to improve your confidence and control with your own sail or powerboat? Our qualified instructors can teach you the ropes! Prices range from $75 – $160 per hour, plus travel costs to your location outside of downtown Toronto.