SHSM: Leadership

Program Description

Our SHSM programs allow your students to gain a certificate for participation in a three-hour workshop as required by the Ontario Ministry of Education. This workshop is facilitated for full-time staff members of Harbourfront Centre’s Education team. 

In our Leadership Workshop, students will examine the ways in which they can be leaders in their own communities. They will assess key criteria for effective leadership and meet with one or more members of Harbourfront Centre’s Leadership Team. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the SHSM: Leadership program, students will:

  • Develop a functioning definition of leadership.

  • Review examples of effective leadership from their daily lives.

  • Meet with one or more members of the Harbourfront Centre Leadership Team to better understand the role of leadership within a multidisciplinary arts and culture centre.

    Booking Details

    Grades 9–12 (Full Day)

    Available all year

    Special Rate: $20/student

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    Program Categories

    Onsite Program, SHSM

    A group of high school students around a table work on their artwork