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Thursday Crafternoons

Check out our archive of Live Crafternoons! These visual arts activities are inspired by our programming at Harbourfront Centre and have been modified to include materials you are likely to have at home.

Making a Collage Landscape

How to Make a Community Helper

How To Make An Accordion Book

How To Make A Sock Puppet

Visual Arts Step-by-Step Activities

DIY Flip Books!

A flip book is a fun way to understand how pictures can appear to move. It’s almost like making a mini-movie!


DIY Shadow Puppets!

Shadow puppets are fun to make, but are also a wonderful way of telling a story. You may want to entertain your family with a shadow puppet performance!


DIY Blind Contour Portraits!

water colour portrait of a man

Blind contour drawings are fun and full of unexpected surprises! They challenge our concentration and are a good way to learn how to see details.


DIY Found Object Sculptures!

abstract craft pet

Artmaking materials are everywhere around your home. Old toys, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and other recyclables could be used to make your very own found object sculpture!


DIY Self Portraits!

pencil sketch of a face

Drawing your face is a great way to notice unique things about yourself, other people and improve your drawing skills.


DIY Mini Accordion Character Books!

folded paper book

We all have stories to tell! Our imaginations are amazing at making up characters to help us tell our stories.


DIY Collage Landscapes!

collage of seascape

Artists of all ages have looked to our city and all its beautiful locations for inspiration in their artmaking. What does your part of Toronto look like?


DIY Styrofoam Plate Printmaking!

abstract colours

Printmaking is a magical process and full of wonderful surprises. You can make the same image again and again, and you can change the image by adding different colours!


Performing Arts Videos

Elements of Dance: Body

Dance: Mini-Combination

Elements of Dance: Space