SHSM: Behaviour Management

How can an understanding of behaviour management techniques support your development as a facilitator of programming with participants of all ages? 

Program Description

Our SHSM programs allow your students to gain a certificate for participation in a three-hour workshop as required by the Ontario Ministry of Education. This workshop is facilitated for full-time staff members of Harbourfront Centre’s Education team, who train over 200 staff annually to support participation in our School Visits, Camps and Learn to Skate programs.    

In this three-hour certificate workshop, attendees will build connections to the concept of behaviour management. This workshop will allow attendees to define key terms related to behaviour management, ask attendees to consider what criteria are required to create an environment conducive to learning/participation, then consider how to address off-task or undesirable behaviors through various techniques and strategies, role plays and scenarios. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the SHSM: Behaviour Management program, students will:

  • Identify key criteria when developing behaviour management strategies to support full participation in a variety of group activities.

  • Participate in a series of role plays, scenario-based discussions and open brainstorms to help build their knowledge base of behaviour management strategies.

  • Use vocabulary as related to behaviour management appropriately.

    Booking Details

    Grades 9–12 (Full Day)

    Available all year

    Special Rate: $20/student

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    Onsite Program, SHSM

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