Painting: Painted Creatures

How can you experiment with colour, drawing and painting techniques to make your imaginary creatures come to life?

Program Description

Your students will view historical and contemporary representations of colourfully painted creatures as sources of inspiration for their works of art. Your students will transform their ideas into fantastic imaginary beasts by exploring the wonders of colour, shape and expression through various drawing and painting techniques. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the Painting: Painted Creatures program, students will:

  • Produce a two-dimensional artwork that communicates emotions, thoughts, expressions and experiences.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of painting and drawing vocabulary.
  • Explore colour theory, painting and drawing techniques.

Support Material

To enhance your pre and post-visit learning, please download the package for this program.

Booking Details

Grades 1–3 (Half-Day)

Available all year

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Curriculum Connections

Program Categories

Onsite Program, Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft