Indigenous Studies: Exploring Treaties

How can exploring our Treaties and other agreements help us move towards constructive Indigenous and Canadian relations?

Program Description

What do Treaties, Land Acknowledgements and the word “reconciliation” mean? What should we do to foster a positive and reciprocal relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities?  

Let’s go beyond the buzzwords and find out what happened in our history, starting in Tkaronto. 

Program Objectives

By the end of the Indigenous Studies: Exploring Treaties program, students will:

  • Understand various methods of governance, peacekeeping and negotiation that First Nations communities used between each other and with settlers.
  • Identify meaning, purpose and relevance of treaties in contemporary times for Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations and communities.
  • Use appropriate terminology for FNMI (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) groups.

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Grades 4–12 (Full Day)

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Indigenous Studies, Onsite Program