Creative Edge: Crafting Chapters and Verses with Maurice & Marsha

How can learning about the history of Miss Lou’s storytelling inspire your own form of self-expression?

Program Description

This Jamaican poetry workshop is an in-depth introduction to the poetry and performance style of Miss Louise Bennett-Coverley. Participants will read, translate, interpret and perform poetry written by Miss Lou, and create and perform their own poetry that will be written in typical Miss Lou-style.  

This workshop will be facilitated by guest facilitators Maurice Gordon and Marsha Laylor and is presented as a part of Harbourfront Centre’s KUUMBA Festival. 

About Maurice Gordon and Marsha Laylor 

Maurice Gordon

Guitarist, teacher and composer/songwriter Maurice Gordon obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Music from York University and has 3 CDs to his credit: Irie Mood, Jamaican Flora and Celebrating Festival vol.1.  

Marsha Laylor

Marsha Laylor has been a middle school teacher for more than 20 years. Marsha’s long-standing passion for the arts fuels her drive as a music, drama and dance teacher, leading numerous extra-curricular music, drama and dance clubs in the Peel District School Board.  

In September 2023, Marsha was invited to participate in Gordon’s “Miss Lou Celebration” in honor of the great Louise Bennett, Jamaican Queen of Culture and “Mother” of the Jamaican Poetry form.

Program Objectives

By the end of the Creative Edge: Crafting Chapters and Verses with Maurice & Marsha program, students will:

  • Be introduced to Miss Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou) and her contributions to storytelling; 
  • Read, translate, interpret and perform poetry written by Miss Lou; 
  • Use vocabulary as related to the artform of storytelling in context. 

Booking Details

Grades 4–8 (Half-Day)

February 9, 2024 (AM only)

Regular rate applies

Interested in making this a full day experience onsite? Pair this workshop with any other half day offering listed on the School Visits website! 

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Creative Edge, Onsite Program

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