Sami Tsang

Sami Tsang is a Canadian-born Chinese woman artist who uses a vocabulary of images to express her anxieties, hopes, fears and things about her life and future. Growing up as the youngest child of a conservative Hong Kong family, her voice was not welcomed. In Sami’s work, she simultaneously gives herself an outlet through the […]

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a balance scale

april martin

april martin is a process based sculptor from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. She creates ceramics, textiles, sculptures and poetry that investigate the materiality, magic, and energy of weather and landscape. She holds a BA from McGill University (2009) and a BFA from Concordia in Montreal (2014). In 2016 she completed her MFA in Sculpture at The […]

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two loon sculptures

Zoë Pinnell

Zoë Pinnell is a maker of decorated functional and sculptural forms. She briefly attended NSCAD University and then received a BA of Craft and Design from Sheridan College (2020). Influenced by historical patterns, Victorian symbolism, tchotchke objects, and floral motifs, Zoë also observes the life and death of the garden and its inhabitants providing inspiration […]

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Shannon Weston

Shannon Weston is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Crafts and Design program majoring in Ceramics. She creates stylized figurative ceramic sculptures that are adorned with tactile designs inspired by African scarification. Shannon is fascinated by body art and modification. Her work is based on ideas of self-discovery through cultural practice. Throughout her work, Shannon focuses […]

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Ceramic mug

Danica Drago

Danica Drago is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, working mainly in ceramics. Their practice as a tool- and object-maker investigates the relationships we have to the way objects are made and the materials they are made of. Danica creates both functional and conceptual works that encourage a collaborative interaction between factors of risk, failure and uncertainty, all […]

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Abstract ceramic sculpture

Erin Berry

Erin Berry’s work uses ceramics to explore human pathology through examination and experimentation, both of which produce unpredictable or unplanned outcomes. She is particularly interested in the undesirable or altogether unwanted as a locus of intrigue and imagination. Erin is currently using digital, manual and material processes in ceramics to examine and expand on the […]

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