International Yacht Training International Master of Yachts (MOY) 200 Tonne – Limited (Offshore) – Theory 

50 Hours / $2,225 + HST

This course is intended for a knowledgeable crew with sufficient on-the-water experience. The IYT Master of Yachts 200 Tonne – Limited (Offshore) Certificate is a commercial 200 Tonne Masters Certificate of Competency for operating vessels, sail or power, up to 150 nautical miles from a safe haven.

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Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating offers the IYT Bareboat Skipper and Yachtmaster Certification with International Yacht Training Worldwide. Successful candidates are awarded a prestigious “Master of Yachts 200 Tonnes” Certificate of Competency – a commercial endorsement for operating power or sailing vessels for those wishing to become professional yachters.

These programs feature extensive theory and practical courses designed to provide the highest standards of marine education for both recreational and professional yachters and designed for experienced crew with appropriate on-the-water experience.