March 24, 2022

Volunteering Panel

Pandemic Learnings and Futures

Canada, Denmark

Volunteers at harbourfront

Photo by Brian Medina

This event is a Nordic Spotlight, part of Nordic Bridges.


Volunteer engagement in the arts and culture sector has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Due to rolling pandemic restrictions, arts and culture organizations stopped producing live events, which had a direct (and detrimental) effect on the many volunteers that make up the fabric of the community. Whether suspended, laid off or redeployed to new roles, Harbourfront Centre’s volunteer network – relationships that had been nourished and fostered for years – all but vanished overnight.  

It was a challenge we knew we had to overcome, and that’s why the Volunteer department at Harbourfront Centre is proud to initiate a new panel discussion around volunteer engagement in COVID-19. As part of our year-long cultural initiative Nordic Bridges, we invited leaders in the volunteer engagement space to shed light on the issues they faced during this time of isolation and how they envision the future in this “new normal” we find ourselves.  

Part discussion, part symposium, audience members will also get the opportunity to participate in the discussion through a Q&A period.  

Dates & Times

March 24
60 mins

Keywords Talk/Storytelling