December 14–18, 2022

Under the Northern Lights



Stories and more from Arctic Norway

Under the northern lights

Photo courtesy of the artist

This event is a Nordic Spotlight, part of Nordic Bridges.


Catrine Pedersen and Stina Fagertun have toured various countries, attending cultural festivals with their programs and dynamic workshops for children and adults through kindergartens, colleges, guilds and the Norwegian Embassy. Chair and board members of the Arctic Storyteller Guild, Pedersen and Fagertun are founders of “The Cultural Bridge, East of the Sun, West of the Moon.”   

In Under the Northern Lights: Stories and more from Arctic Norway, Pedersen and Fagertun will share their fascinating stories of the Arctic and folk songs, the legends of the Sámi and Kven people and so much more.   

About Stina Fagertun

Stina Fagertun has toured around the world as a storyteller for many years. She is the founder of the Cultural Kindergarten in her hometown Tromsø and is a published author of children’s books and CDs. Her ancestry is a mix of the Norse, Kven and coastal Sámi. 

About Catrine Pedersen

Catrine Pedersen is a coastal Sámi and Kven (a minority folk group in Arctic Norway). She is a kindergarten teacher with a focus on songs and musical storytelling. Pedersen is a traditional cultural bearer of the coastal Sámi traditions in handicraft, singing Sámi Joik. She has travelled throughout Norway and the United States in partnership with Stina Fagertun, sharing stories of the Arctic. 

Dates & Times

December 14
2pm – 6pm

December 15
2pm – 6pm

December 16
2pm – 6pm

December 17
2pm – 6pm

December 18
10am – 3pm


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