The rumba kings

The Rumba Kings

The country formerly known as Zaïre, starting in the 1950s and continuing into the 1980s, was the vibrant musical heart of Sub-Saharan Africa, crammed with dancing bars and musical orchestras, bustling with record labels, and most importantly home to some of the biggest stars of African music such as Grand Kallé, Dr. Nico and Franco […]

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The Desert Rocker

Le Rockeuse du Désert

The Desert Rocker is an intimate, witty and profound portrait of the extraordinary Hasna El Becharia, a pioneer Gnawa artist. The first musician to break through the social barrier of this culture, she empowers and inspires women of all ages by reclaiming a musical tradition reserved for men for centuries. A singularly talented artist, she […]

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Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Inside Renzo Piano Building Workshop

”Creativity is a miracle that only exists when you know how to share it. Our studio is a special place where this miracle happens every day.”  RPBW For several months, Francesca Molteni and her documentary team had access to one of the most important architectural firms in the world. While inside the Renzo Piano Building […]

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Rahyne image

Transmit | Rahyne

Transmit is a program featuring five dynamic short films created by Indigenous Filmmakers based in Turtle Island (Canada) that were presented at the 2021 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada, curated by imagineNATIVE. Transmit shines a light on the importance of teachings passing through one generation to the next. We witness the […]

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Grada Kilomba

Illusions, Vol. III, Antigone

The Power Plant invites you to watch a screening of Illusions, Vol. III, Antigone by interdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba. The hour-long screening will be followed by a Q&A between Grada Kilomba and Carolin Kochlin, Curator at Large of The Power Plant. In the poetic Illusions trilogy, we find the familiar stories of Narcissus and Echo, […]

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Still from the movie Rahyne


Rahyne (2021) is a short, animated film in the style of a motion-comic. It follows a young Afro-Indigenous (Bajan and Mohawk), non-binary youth who turns to the water to guide them through the turmoil highlighted by the pandemic, political unrest and trauma experienced by Black and Indigenous peoples. This film delves into Indigenous and African/Caribbean […]

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video projection of body on brick wall


An innovative follow-up to Harbourfront Centre’s contemporary dance series TORQUE, in collaboration with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, REBO(U)ND is a choreography of suspension, composed of video projected on architectural surfaces. REBO(U)ND reveals the ephemeral instant when the performer floats, between momentum and falling, between liberty and unbalance, just as the body seems to defy notions of […]

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dancers on stage

Babel 7.16

Presented in the famous Cour d’Honneur du Palais des Papes, choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet have joined forces with visual artist Antony Gormley to create Babel 7.16. The cast of 22 dancers comprises artists from 15 nations.   Recorded live at Festival d’Avignon, July 2016. Contains Course Language and Nudity. A programming partnership between DanceHouse (Vancouver), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), Danse Danse (Montreal), and the National […]

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