August 6, 2022

Le Rockeuse du Désert



The Desert Rocker

Photo courtesy of the artist


The Desert Rocker is an intimate, witty and profound portrait of the extraordinary Hasna El Becharia, a pioneer Gnawa artist. The first musician to break through the social barrier of this culture, she empowers and inspires women of all ages by reclaiming a musical tradition reserved for men for centuries. A singularly talented artist, she leads Algerian women to redefine their roles and challenge cultural norms, one musical performance at a time. 

About Sara Nacer, Director/Producer

Sara Nacer is an emerging filmmaker based in Montreal, working as a digital product manager 

 at Bell Media. His first documentary film, Let Them All Go, shot in Algeria at the heart of the  

smile revolution, highlights the socio-cultural awakening of the young generation. Released in  

December 2019, the film broke records at the Cinémathèque Québécoise with several sold-out  

screenings and excellent media coverage. Nacer won the LOJIQ prize for Promising Filmmaker  

at the Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival, and the award for Best Documentary Film at  

the Festival Images et vie in Dakar. Her feature film, La Rockeuse du Désert, was selected for the Tribeca Film Institute in 2017 and an artistic residency at the Jacob Burns Film Center in New York. She also produced a feature documentary for the Close-Up Initiative in 2020, an  

international development program for emerging filmmakers. Recognized in Montreal for her  

contribution to promoting cultural diversity, Nacer has organized several events and produced  

several sold-out concerts, notably at Place des Arts in Montreal.  

Dates & Times

August 6
75 mins


Studio Theatre

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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