Children watching a performance in a theatre

Creative Edge: JUNIOR

JUNIOR returns to School Visits at Harbourfront Centre! Our exciting productions invite students to reimagine the world they live in and their place in it. Exploring belonging, transformation and personal expression, JUNIOR will be your class’s favourite trip of the year!  Full day and half-day programs with Creative Response Workshops available.  Check back in January […]

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Two students showing us their sock puppets

Textile Art: Sock Puppets

Students learn the rich history of puppets from around the world and participate in puppetry activities involving expression, movement and voice. Best of all, each student creates a one-of-a-kind puppet using a variety of materials. 

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Mixed Media: Storytelling

Inspired by one of Jamaica’s famous storytellers – Louise Bennett-Coverley, fondly known as “Miss Lou” – our storytelling program will begin with a discussion of the importance of sharing stories to learn about ourselves and others. Next, students will hear a favourite story of Miss Lou to honour her legacy. Students will then create their […]

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Students energetically doing spoken word

Drama: Let’s Slam! Spoken Word 

Explore the world of spoken word performance!  In this full-day program, students will discover the rich history and cultural roots of spoken word performance art and gain insight into the rules and elements of spoken word competitions (known as Poetry Slams). Students will draft, polish and perform a piece, guided by a practicing spoken word […]

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Drama: Improv

This workshop provides an opportunity for students to explore improvisation techniques, build confidence through spontaneous collaboration and envision creative possibilities. 

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