Performance: ZOOOM

Inspired by the iconic children’s book Harold and The Purple Crayon, ZOOOM is a story about a child who makes sense of their world through art with music, lasers and projections for a heartfelt and immersive performance.  ZOOOM begins at home or in the classroom, as we invite our audience to “bring a piece of […]

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A simple space

Performance: A Simple Space

Seven acrobats push their physical limits in a mesmerizing show full of live percussion, where the audience surrounds the stage and is invited to participate. A Simple Space introduces the raw reality of physical performance coupled with intimate personal narratives.  Gravity and Other Myths take students on a journey of physical and mental acrobatics in […]

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Two students showing us their sock puppets

Textile Art: Sock Puppets

Students learn the rich history of puppets from around the world and participate in puppetry activities involving expression, movement and voice. Best of all, each student creates a one-of-a-kind puppet using a variety of materials. 

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Drama: Improv

This workshop provides an opportunity for students to explore improvisation techniques, build confidence through spontaneous collaboration and envision creative possibilities. 

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