Miss Louise Bennett-Coverley

Creative Edge: Crafting Chapters and Verses with Maurice & Marsha

This Jamaican poetry workshop is an in-depth introduction to the poetry and performance style of Miss Louise Bennett-Coverley. Participants will read, translate, interpret and perform poetry written by Miss Lou, and create and perform their own poetry that will be written in typical Miss Lou-style.   This workshop will be facilitated by guest facilitators Maurice Gordon and […]

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Mixed Media: Storytelling

Inspired by one of Jamaica’s famous storytellers – Louise Bennett-Coverley, fondly known as “Miss Lou” – our storytelling program will begin with discussing the importance of sharing stories to learn about ourselves and others. Next, students will hear a favourite story of Miss Lou to honour her legacy. Students will then create their accordion book, […]

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Drama: Improv

This workshop provides an opportunity for students to explore improvisation techniques, build confidence through spontaneous collaboration and envision creative possibilities. 

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