Sailing & Powerboating

Experience a world of boating at the heart of Toronto’s waterfront.

Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating provides affordable and accessible boating for all – from beginners to offshore and much more! We offer a wide selection of sailing and powerboating courses, membership, boat rentals, corporate events and Junior Sail Camps.  

We are conveniently located on Queen’s Quay West, immediately south of the CN Tower and easily accessible from Downtown Toronto by foot, bicycle or car. Public parking is available and the TTC stops right outside our door.   


Do you rent boats? 

  • Yes, we rent sailboats and powerboats.  

What other services do you provide?

  • Other than boat rentals, we also teach sailing and powerboating courses, boat licensing courses and IYT and ICC courses.  
  • We are a Sail Membership club, offering boat access with no rental fees, race nights, social sails and learning clinics and seminars.  
  • We also offer Corporate Events for team sailing sessions with no prior experience necessary for participants.  
  • We have Junior Sailing Camps programs for children 6 to 16 years.  

What do your boats look like?  

  • All our boats can be viewed on our website under Boat Rentals.  

What is the difference between a keelboat and a dinghy sailboat?  

  • Keelboats have a fixed keel at the bottom of the boat. This keeps the boat upright. They also have an engine on the back. Keelboats can vary in size from two people and up.  
  • Dinghies do not have a fixed keel and therefore can capsize. You need to be able to right the boat. Dinghies do not have an engine. They are usually for 1–3 people. 

How do I reserve a boat?  

  • You can reserve a boat by calling us at (416) 203-3000 or emailing or by visiting us in our office at 275 Queens Quay West. To hold a reservation, we require a 25% deposit if you are making the reservation more than 30 days before your booking and 100% of the payment if within 30 days of your booking.  
  • You can make a reservation during our hours of operation; however, we do recommend that you call a few days before your intended booking time to ensure that your desired time and boat is available. 

What license do you need to take out a boat?  

  • You need to be 21 years old or over with a valid G class driver’s license for our Paradise F13s and Lunds OR 18 years old with a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (boating license). We will provide you with a temporary Toronto Harbour License for your rental period.  
  • For the rest of our fleet, you need to fill out a Boating Resume, so we know how much boating experience you have. Once your resume is approved, we will provide you with temporary licensing. 

 What does “experience necessary” mean?  

Experience necessary means that you must have previous experience with either sailboats or powerboats to rent them. This includes: 

  • Previously taking a course. 
  • Owning your own boat. 
  • Previous rental history with us or another provider. 
  • Prior practical experience on boats of an equivalent size that you wish to rent with us. 

You must fill out the Boating Resume, which asks you to outline what kind of experience you have with boats and must be approved by our management before you are permitted to take out any of our sailboats or larger powerboats. This is for your safety and the protection of our boats and equipment. 

If I have no experience, which boats can I take out?  

  • If you have no experience, you are eligible to rent two of our powerboats, the Paradise F13 two-seater powerboats and the Lund Fury five-seater powerboats. All you need to rent one of these powerboats is a valid G Driver’s License and be 21+ years old, or a Pleasure Craft Operators Card and be 18+ years old. These boats are allowed within the inner harbour only.  
  • For all sailboats and larger powerboats, you also can hire a skipper/instructor for an additional fee. We require that you make the reservation at least seven days before your desired booking. Please call us at (416) 203-3000 for any cost inquiries. 

How do I get boating experience?  

  • You can take a course recognized by Sail Canada, which we offer for both sailing and powerboating. 

What kinds of courses do you have?  

  • We offer a variety of courses for both sailing and powerboating. We offer courses in dinghy sailing, keelboat sailing, powerboating, as well as dry dock courses like the Toronto Harbour License, VHF Radio License, International Yacht Master Training and Navigation courses available for beginners to more advanced boaters. For a full list of courses, course-start dates and pricing, please go to Courses on our website. 

What do I need to rent, a Paradise F13 or a Lund Fury?  

  • You must be 21+ years old with a valid G Driver’s License or 18+ years old with a Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC).  
  • You must also provide a credit card for a $500 damage deposit, which is returned to you at the end of your rental.  
  • You must have a cellphone on the boat with you so we can reach you while you are out on the water. 

How fast do your boats go?  

  • Our Paradise F13s and Lunds are restricted within the Inner Harbour which has a speed limit of 6mph, or approximately 11km/hr.  
  • Our larger boats can be driven in the Outer Harbour and can reach faster speeds. 

Where are you allowed to go?  

  • All dinghy sailboats and powerboats 18ft and under are restricted to the Inner Harbour.  
  • All keel sailboats and powerboats larger than 19ft are permitted to go in both the Inner and Outer Harbour.  
  • You are welcome to travel through the Toronto Islands, and you will be given a map to take with you on the boat that details where you can and cannot go.  
  • No boats are permitted in the Toronto Island Airport zone and are subject to a $10,000 fine if caught in the area. 

How do I become a member?  

  • You must fill out a Boating Resume to provide us with the details of your experience, and then you can choose between Sailing Club Membership or Dinghy Membership.  
  • Students who complete our Sail Canada Basic Cruising, Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising, Sail Canada Advanced Cruising and our Sail Canada Basic Powerboating are eligible for discounts on Membership.   

Which boats am I responsible for refueling?  

  • Fuel is included in the price for our small powerboats (Paradise F13s and Lund Fury) and all sailboats. A flat fee will be paid at the time of your booking for the Pontoon boat. 

Where are you located?  

  • We are located at 275 Queens Quay West, at the corner of Queens Quay and Rees Street, south of the CN Tower and a block west of Harbourfront Centre at 235 Queens Quay West. 

Is there parking available?  

  • There are parking lots in two locations along the waterfront near our location. The P3 Rees Street Lot is a street-level car park located on the north side of Queens Quay West, just west of Rees Street, right across from our location. The P6 Spadina Pier Parking Garage is underground parking located at 539 Queens Quay West on the south side of Queens Quay West adjacent to the Toronto Music Garden between Bathurst St. and Spadina Ave., approximately two blocks east from our location. 

When does Boating Season begin and end?  

  • We are open for operations on Victoria Day weekend in May and the season runs until Thanksgiving weekend, which is in October.   

I took my Basic exam and have not yet received my seal. When can I expect it?  

  • It takes approximately 4–6 weeks for seals to be processed. If you have not received your seal and it has gone over the expected 4–6 weeks, please contact our office at (416) 203-3000 


Harbourfront Centre Sailing and Powerboating is an internationally recognized Sail Canada ‘Centre of Excellence in Training’ Facility, with courses that provide comprehensive theory, and practical on-water experience.

Our range of courses include Junior Sailing, Adult Sail & Power Programs, International Yacht Training & ICC certifications, online Theory Refresher courses, Navigation courses and a variety of Boat Licenses.

Please contact our offices if you would like to purchase a gift certificate.

Explore Courses

Boat Charters/Rentals

We have a fleet of sailboats, powerboats and yachts to suit your needs. We offer bareboat rental opportunities to the public with recognized credentials or equivalent boating experience. Our smaller powerboats are a great opportunity for new boaters to try out the world of boating with proper safety training provided by our knowledgeable staff.

Members receive a 25% discount on all charters and rentals of boats not included in their membership.

Learn More


Boat ownership is no longer a barrier to boating; we have a fleet of boats waiting for you, allowing you to experience all of the benefits without the hassle or high cost.

Take your time to build experience, knowledge and confidence. When you come to buy the boat of your dreams you don’t want it to turn into a nightmare. Therefore, invest your time now, and you’ll enjoy the benefits later.

With your own fleet to choose from you don’t have to be in the same boat every time. You can select based on your boating plans and the size of your group. Our club is a pay one fee and boat for free. Membership duration is a minimum of 12 months. You don’t have to volunteer time and effort because we do it all for you. Repairs, maintenance, insurance, dockage…all of it..

Depending on the membership you choose, we have programs allowing free member access to a number of skills building activities. They include Tuesday Learn to Race nights, competitive Wednesday Night Racing, and a number of free learning clinics and seminars for you to benefit from.

Sailing Club

Getting you on the water is our mission. Enjoyable and accessible boating is our business.   

Basic Cruising Graduate Sail Membership – $99/month*

Graduates of our Basic Cruising course have the opportunity to join the club as a member at a vastly discounted rate. This includes access to the entire sailboat fleet, Tuesday Learn to Race Night sessions, competitive Wednesday Night Racing, Friday Night Social Sails and various skills building clinics and seminars throughout the year. ut the year.

Crusing Sail Membership – $170/month*

Members have access to the entire sailboat fleet, Friday Night Social Sails and various skills building clinics and seminars throughout the year. 

* Monthly prices based on an annual payment plan. $99 initiation fee applies to all new Club Memberships  

Membership Structure

We have streamlined our Sailing Club Membership, which allows members access to our entire fleet of keelboats, with no rental or yacht charter fees. Skipper status is based on sailing experience, affording members the opportunity to sail all of the boats in our fleet, including the Niagara 35.

B-Skipper status (B) Basic Skipper Status  
• J24s, Harbour 20s  
• Can crew on Niagara 35, and Hunter 24 until levels are obtained  

BI-Skipper status (BI) Basic Intermediate Skipper Status 
For those who have successfully completed the Intermediate written exam.
• Hunter 24, J24s, Harbour 20s  
• Can crew on Niagara 35 until levels are obtained

I-Skipper status (I) Intermediate Skipper Status 
For those who have the full Intermediate Standard 
Maximum boat access – Intermediate Skipper Level 
Niagara 35, Hunter 24, J24s, Harbour 20s   

A-Skipper status (A) Advanced Skipper Status  
Maximum boat access – Advanced Skipper Level 
Overnight sailing access  
Niagara 35, Hunter 24, J24s, Harbour 20s  

All Sailing Club Memberships include

  • Unlimited boat access with no rental/yacht charter fees
  • Guest Privileges
  • $100 course credit each year (up to $300)
  • 25% off of powerboat rentals
  • 15% off of Corporate Events
  • Monthly payment options

Member Club Nights

Tuesday Night Skills Building: Perfect for sailing graduates and seasoned sailors wishing to improve their skills. 
Wednesday Race Series Nights: If you like competition this is the night for you. Friendly and fun. Perfect for those sailors who want to test what they’ve learned at Tuesday Night Skills Building and become crew on these vessels.  
Friday Night Social Sail: Meet new friends and sail into the sunset each and every Friday.  

Racing & Cruising Sail Membership – $180/month*  

Members have access to the entire sailboat fleet, Tuesday Learn to Race Night sessions, competitive Wednesday Night Racing, Friday Night Social Sails and various skills building clinics and seminars throughout the year.  Children 17 and under sail for free when accompanied by a qualified adult!  

Dinghy Membership: $900/annual*

We offer unlimited access to our dinghy fleet, including our 420 Performance Sailing Dinghies, Hobie Cats, Hobie Wave, RS Fevas and RS Zests. 

This membership provides unlimited evening (5pm – 8pm) and weekend (9am – 6pm) usage, and members must have completed CANSail 3 & 4 standard to be eligible for Dinghy Membership. 

Dinghy Memberships include:

  • No rental fees
  • Guest Privileges
  • Unlimited evenings (5pm – 8pm) and weekends (9am – 6pm) usage
  • $100 course credit each year (up to $300)
  • $99 initiation fee applies to all new Memberships

* Pricing based on Annual Payment Plan. The monthly payments are over 12 months or 6 months. Monthly fees will increase if over 6 months or 12 months. Monthly administration fees not included. HST not included.

Events and Services

Corporate Team Sailing

Looking for an economical solution to boost company morale and team productivity? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to plan an event yourself and you’re looking for fresh ideas for a fun team building activity. You’ve come to the right place!   

Take your usual corporate event in a new direction with team sailing, an on-the-water adventure in the heart of the city. Your adventure can be customized to engage colleagues in innovative, fun and unique team-building activities.  Simply provide our professional staff with your event objective, and we will create a program to suit your requirements.   

No prior boating experience is necessary to participate. Participants are with an instructor at all times when on the water. For groups of over 30 participants, please contact us.

Team Racing Regatta
6 – 20 participants

This classic event features a three-race mini regatta in the beautiful realms of Toronto’s inner harbour. As with all events, each team is briefed on the dos and don’ts of sailing, and then goes on to harness the exhilarating power of nature. They soon learn that communication is everything on the water, just as it is in the office. All positions on a boat are important – each is integral to the team. 

Cruising the Islands
6 – 30 participants

If you prefer to cruise, we can set your team sailing on your chosen vessel. Colleagues and clients will enjoy a relaxing sail along Toronto’s breathtaking skyline and islands, or participate in sailing the boat under the guidance of our trained instructors. You dictate the pace.  

Club Racing

Racing takes place at every Tuesday and Wednesday night from the second week in May until mid-September. The racing program provides all club members with the opportunity to test their sailing skills in a competitive and friendly social environment.

Fresh Water Farewells

We provide private ash scattering services on one of our many sail or powerboats, allowing for scenic ceremonies that give you a unique opportunity to say a fond farewell with your closest family and friends.

Releasing ashes onto the waters of Lake Ontario using a biodegradable container is permitted according to Federal, Provincial and Municipal Statute.

The two hour service includes a captained boat ride to the outer harbour where you will be able to pay tribute to your loved one. Three and four hour services may also be available.

Gift Certificates

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for any of our services, please contact us!

Contact Us

We are conveniently located on Queens Quay, immediately south of the Rogers Centre – easily accessible from Downtown Toronto by foot, bicycle or car. There is public parking nearby and the TTC stops right outside our door.

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