Technical Residency Program

The Performing Arts Technical Residency Program aims to support the development of artistic creations within the genres of dance, theatre, circus and inter-disciplinary work, with the intent to potentially present final works once they are fully realized.

In response to feedback received from the performing arts community, while building on the legacy of HATCH and other Harbourfront Centre residencies such as the Craft & Design Artists-in-Residence, the Performing Arts Technical Residency Program will occur throughout the year and in selected Harbourfront Centre venues, pending availability.

The residencies are technical in format. They provide production support in a theatre venue at a stage of development of a project when working in such a venue is beneficial to the process. It is intended for projects that have already gone through at least a first phase of creation and are on their way to production and presentation. Residencies are typically one week long, though consideration will be given to longer requests based on the needs of the project.

All residencies will receive the venue at no charge. Some residencies will receive further financial support – download the Program Overview for more information.

Apply for Residency

Thank you for your interest in Harbourfront Centre’s Performing Arts Technical Residency Program!

We are no longer accepting applications at this time.


Kaha:wi Dance Theatre


UnSpun Theatre
Little Wonder

Bill Coleman & Lee Miracle
Out of the Longhouse

Kaeja d’Dance
Touch X

Leelee Davis

Allen Kaeja / Kaeja d’Dance
I Am The Child of…


Tier 1

Vanessa Goodman and Belinda McGuire
The Other Half
Fleck Dance Theatre

Barbara Diabo
Sky Dancers: Bridges
Fleck Dance Theatre

Daina Ashbee
J’ai pleuré avec les chiens
Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Tier 2

Ame Henderson
Harbourfront Centre Theatre


Tier 1

Heidi Strauss/adelheid
Harbourfront Centre Theatre and east campus grounds

Andrew Schneider
Fleck Dance Theatre

Viktor Lukawski/ZOU Theatre
The Kosinski Project
Studio Theatre

Tier 2

Shannon Litzenberger
World After Dark
Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Nicole Brooks/Asah Productions
Obeah Opera
Fleck Dance Theatre

Andrew Tay/Indefinable Folks collective
WorkingOn WorkingOnUs
Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Lua Shayenne
Harbourfront Centre Theatre