May 20–22, 2023


Puppet Theatre


Everyone’s favourite puppet Pinocchio comes alive in this Toronto premiere 


Photo by Søren Meisner



What is it to be a human being?  

What is the difference between right and wrong?  

What is the meaning of love?  

Revisit this classic tale with Teater Patrasket’s new version of Carlo Collodi’s well-known story about the puppet who has to learn to become human and his dangerous journey in a world full of odd characters, temptations and suitable life lessons!  

A wild, visually stunning and music-filled take on this classic tale, directed by Alex Byrne, with stylized puppetry and a world of characters and dark humour. Since it was created in 2019, Pinnochio has been received with great acclaim in Denmark. Join us for the Toronto premiere of this exciting international work for children. 

Supported by the Royal Danish Embassy

About Teater Patrasket

Teater Patrasket is a renowned touring theatre company from Copenhagen, Denmark, founded in 1985. The company has a background in physical theatre and mime drawn from Jacques le Coq’s principles, but over the years, they have incorporated many other inspirations into their theatrical language. 

Teater Patrasket makes theatre for children, but it is also universally human in its content and can be enjoyed by adults. The work of this company comes from the heart, aiming to touch the audience with strong stories, a playful style and simple yet magical moments that draws on the ability of theatre to create presence and meaning in a world full of flickering digital media. The company believes in the redemptive and humanizing effects humour can give us, to lend us the courage to bear life’s small and big adversities together. 

Over the years, Teater Patrasket has made 25 performances with support from the Danish Ministry of Culture. Their award-winning shows have toured around the world. Most recently, Teater Patrasket was honoured with the “Children’s Show Producer of the Year 2022” award by Denmark’s Theatre Associations.


Cast Maria Myrgård, Dirck Backer, Signe Kærup Dahl, Bastian Popp Composer Bastian Popp

Dates & Times

May 20
60 mins

May 21
60 mins

May 22
60 mins


Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario

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Child Ticket under 12: $10
Adult Ticket 13+: $18
Adult Ticket 13+ Day-of: $20

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