August 28, 2022

Janice Jo Lee Trio


South Korea

Janice Jo Lee

Janice Jo Lee, Photo by Michael Park


How do we take care of ourselves and each other in a world that is crumbling before us? Janice Jo Lee presents a set of songs and poems about repair, courage and the healing power of water. Expect cascading vocal harmonies inspired by traditional Korean melody and American jazz harmony. Jo Lee will be joined by Roa Lee and Camil@ Diaz-Varela. 

About Janice Jo Lee

Janice Jo Lee (she/they) is a dynamic soul-folk, singer-songwriter and spoken word poet of Korean settler ancestry. Her new record, Ancestor Song, is epic folk music, at once powerful and cathartic. The songs deliver tumbling jazzy melodies, waves of harmonies and social justice anthems for the people. On stage, she creates looping landscapes with her voice, guitar, trumpet and Korean janggu drum. Lee is a hard femme queer radical known for being disarmingly hilarious, off-the-cuff and fearlessly honest. She works as an actor, theatre maker, sound designer, arts facilitator and anti-oppression educator. 

About Roa (HyunYoung) Lee

Roa (HyunYoung) Lee is a Gayageum musician, composer and instructor. Her music is based on traditional Korean music and integrates different elements from world music. A passionate explorer of fusion and new music, she has recently performed and collaborated at the Aga Khan Museum, Small World Music, Summer Music in the Garden and the Korean Traditional Music Association of Canada. 

About Camil@ Díaz-Varela

Camil@ Díaz-Varela (they/them) is a theatre maker, musician and mariposa with Mexican roots. They compose music for theatre and live performance and perform as an actor in theatre and as an independent singer-songwriter. They are passionate about the capacity of live performance to transform social and political barriers. 

Dates & Times

August 28
60 mins


Stage in the Park

A performance stage on our West Lawn

Outdoors; No formal seating

Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8

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