July 2, 2023

From Baghdad To Toronto


Canada, Iraq

Arabic Jazz | Iraqi melodies meet African rhythms in a musical journey blending cultures worldwide. 

From Baghdad to Toronto

Photo by Carlos M. Gárate


Moneka Arabic Jazz reflects Ahmed Moneka’s journey and culture to the Toronto music scene. It introduces maqam-style Arabic music skills that he learned in Baghdad, Iraq, where he grew up, mixed with African groove and rhythm inherited from his African descendants, the well-known Moneka family. When Ahmed’s journey brought him to Toronto in 2015, he was honoured to collaborate with fascinating local musicians and share this heritage and traditions with everyone. His ensemble instantly made a splash in Toronto’s music community, featuring the best jazz and Arabic musicians in the city. Come and hear this supergroup play their unique brand of Afro-Arabic jazz. Bring your dancing shoes! 

Hi + hamam
Chi mali
Sidi Mansur

About Ahmed Moneka

Moneka Arabic Jazz is a project reflecting Ahmed Moneka’s life and journey in art from Baghdad to Toronto. It showcases melodies from his homeland Iraq mixed with African groove and rhythm he inherited from the Moneka Family. Because his journey has brought him to Toronto, Canada, he is honoured to share this heritage and traditions with local Canadian musicians. Jazz and blues are the best genres to bridge his Afro-Arabic background and the fascinating musical diversity of Torontonian performers. He often finds inspiration to write songs by researching old stories from Iraq as realities of the present moment, locally or internationally. 

Accessibility Notes

The Toronto Music Garden is a wheelchair accessible park. Summer Music In The Garden concerts include 8 reserved spots for accessible seating on a first come, first served basis. As these performances take place in a park, they are inherently relaxed performances by nature.

Dates & Times

July 2
60 mins


Toronto Music Garden

Wheelchair accessible


Between Lower Spadina and Dan Leckie Way

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