July 1–23, 2022

Bust A Move Dance Workshop

Bust a move dance

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Visitors of all abilities and all ages are invited to join a super fun drop-in dance workshop! 

Bust a Move Dance (BAMD) is a leading dance company for children, teens and adults with disabilities. They work with students of all ages and abilities. Classes focus on using dance as a vehicle for social and emotional awareness and development. With a conscious focus on mindfulness, students learn to be and stay within the present moment, set intentions, accept and believe in themselves. Each lesson combines meditation, fitness, creative exploration and learning choreography. Their motto is Limitless, Inclusive, Love. That means creating a fun and safe environment, free of the shame and judgement so often impressed onto minority groups by a privileged status quo. This allows people with or without disabilities to enjoy limitless learning and self-expression  through dance.  

About Ali Phillips

Ali Phillips began her career after founding Busta Move Dance (BAMD), one of Australia’s first inclusive dance companies for children, teens and young adults with disabilities in 2009. Gaining unparalleled experience in the dance, education and business spaces, while also establishing herself as a respected leader, Ali discovered a passion for creating inclusive communities. Currently living in Toronto and specializing as an Embodied Leadership Coach for dance & fitness studio owners, Ali is widely known for her ability to disrupt and challenge the status quo.  

About Jimmy Vásquez González

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Jimmy Vásquez González started his dance career at the age of 7. Surrounded by the Latin culture of his native land, González started his journey with the dance styles of Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. At the age of 13, González moved to Toronto, Canada, where he was introduced to the style of native Toronto Hip-Hop for the first time, also referred to as “Flavor”. Though it wasn’t an easy transition, he was able to maintain his love for dance by facing and accepting new challenges as well discovering his own identity through Hip-Hop and what it means to have your own identity through the art of dance. 

Dates & Times

July 23
12:30pm – 1:15pm
2:45pm – 3:30pm


South Lawn

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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