Group of young kids solving a puzzle together

Young Puzzlers

Ever wondered how your favourite escape rooms and board games are made? This camp explores the mechanics, logic and art behind your favourite puzzles and games. Campers will play and deconstruct their favourite games while exploring narrative, decision making and puzzle mechanics. 

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mystery camp

Mystery Camp

Calling all budding sleuths, detectives and investigators! Campers will learn to write a mystery of their very own through learning about narrative, scene setting and character as they write and roleplay their way through various mysteries and activities. Campers will learn foundational skills of what makes a good mystery through cipher making, whodunnits, puzzles and […]

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fantasy camp

Fantasy Camp

Push the bounds of reality and explore your magical side with this fantasy writing camp! Campers will learn about mythology, legends and folklore to help inspire their own visions for writing a fantasy short story. Through activities and writing challenges campers will learn about world building, character development and narrative. 

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mad science science adventures

Mad Science: Science Adventures (Waitlist Open)

A visit to Cell City will reveal the inner workings of DNA while a trip down the Organ Trail will provide a body portrait. Explore the wonders of gravity, balance and the science behind the sweet spot. Build the strongest helmet for our friend Eggbert in our safe egg challenge. Campers will end the week […]

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mad science rocket scientists

Mad Science: Rocket Scientists (Waitlist Open)

Children will embark on a captivating space exploration journey during our Rocket Scientists program. This dynamic week-long experience delves into the physics of rocket flight, rocket components and all aspects of rocketry. Campers will explore the history of NASA’s rocket program and take their first steps in exploring the universe with nano rovers. They’ll also […]

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Mad Science: Eureka! (Waitlist Open)

Children will create catapults, forts, shelters and bridges and assemble a set of circuits with batteries and light bulbs using basic materials and simple machines. Thomas Edison may have said, “invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration,” but this camp is 100% FUN! 

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urban explorers camp

Urban Explorers

Explore the amazing city of Toronto! Campers will discover the history and culture of a new neighborhood each day, followed by creative projects and activities that relate to each neighborhood. From our very own waterfront to other neighborhoods, campers will learn what makes our city so special.

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Chess camp

Chess Challenge (Waitlist Open)

Chess lovers, from beginner to experienced, will enjoy unparalleled instruction in chess strategy. Working with skilled staff and a Chess Master, campers learn to “see” the chessboard as tournament professionals do. They will be taught how to open a game, defend a piece, mate, avoid stalemate and more. Skills will be put to the test […]

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drawing graphic novels

Comic Book

Calling all comic and graphic novel enthusiasts! Campers will work with staff to learn how to bring their stories to life. Narrative and artistic concepts are explored, which will help inspire and develop the campers’ characters in the pages of their very own comic strips. 

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intro to magic

Intro to Magic (Waitlist Open)

Are you an aspiring magician wanting to hone your craft? Look no further! This camp is great for new magicians. With the support of trained staff and a professional magician, campers will learn the tricks of the trade, with opportunities to build on and improve skills and learn something new.  Over the past 30 years, […]

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Kids working on their stuff on the floor

Young Authors

Calling all young writers, aspiring authors and book lovers! Campers will explore the wonderful world of literature in partnership with the Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA). Campers will learn about structure, character development, plot setting and more in a fun and relaxed environment. This camp stimulates creativity and the imagination of budding young readers […]

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kids working a a project around a table

Architecture (Waitlist Open)

Calling all aspiring architects! This hands-on program allows campers to participate in model-making, engineering, and architectural activities that explore basic concepts of architecture, urban planning and design. Along with our well-trained staff, campers will work with their peers to engage in tasks that develop skills through the design process, decision-making and problem-solving. At the end […]

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Kids playing Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons (Waitlist Open)

Travel to ancient ruins and battle legendary monsters! Dungeons & Dragons is regarded as a foundational contemporary role-playing game. Campers use their imagination and creativity to overcome obstacles and outwit opponents. Campers learn co-operation, independence and problem-solving through story-telling and interacting with peers in this well-supervised program. Suitable for first-time players or experienced D&Ders alike.  […]

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Dungeon master in training

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master-in-Training

Campers will dive further into a world of monsters, intrigue and adventure in this two-week camp! In addition to playing D&D, campers will be taught the skills of the Dungeon Master. Campers will learn storytelling, how to craft characters more effectively, how to set and enforce the table rules and more. Teamwork, co-operation, problem-solving and […]

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senior authors

Senior Authors

Calling all aspiring writers, authors and book lovers! Campers will explore the wonderful world of literature in partnership with the Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA). Campers will learn how to develop a well-rounded structure, characters, setting and plot. Campers will be encouraged to express an artistic point of view and push their creativity to […]

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Kid playing chess with Camps Staff

Senior Chess

For advanced chess lovers! Working with skilled staff and a Chess Master, campers learn to “see” the chessboard just as the tournament professionals do. Campers will have the opportunity to review fundamentals, receive coaching and challenge other campers that have similar chess experience. Campers will be taught various strategies on how to open a game, […]

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A group of kids working on their designs at a long table

Interior Design & Decorating (Waitlist Open)

Calling all aspiring designers and decorators! If you are interested in creating and manipulating the space around you, this camp is for you. Focusing on various design concepts and principles, campers will learn space planning and explore colour, form, proportion and balance as it relates to livable interiors. Working with staff, campers will experiment with […]

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Kids around a table work on their projects

Young Builders

Imagine, build and create! This hands-on camp is perfect for any young builder who wants to experiment with a variety of materials. Through creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and a whole lot of imagination, campers will have the opportunity to build structural models, engineering projects and explore other design activities. 

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