Children watching a performance in a theatre

Creative Edge: JUNIOR

JUNIOR returns to School Visits at Harbourfront Centre! Our exciting productions invite students to reimagine the world they live in and their place in it. Exploring belonging, transformation and personal expression, JUNIOR will be your class’s favourite trip of the year!  Full day and half-day programs with Creative Response Workshops available.  Check back in January […]

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Music: Body Percussion

Students are introduced to the rich diversity of body percussion across cultures through an exploration of contemporary artists. Students will use their bodies as instruments to discover the potential for musical expression through rhythm and percussion.

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Dance: Urban

From street to stage, urban dance presents new ways to move! Drawing on different urban dance styles, students will develop their own unique dance vocabulary. 

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Excited students practicing their Hip Hop moves

Dance: Understanding Hip Hop

In this full-day program, students gain an in-depth understanding of the elements of hip-hop: DJing, MCing/rapping, graffiti and dancing. Students will explore the roots of hip hop as well as the contemporary impact of hip hop culture today. They will explore how hip hop is used as a tool for self-expression. 

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Excited young students practicing their Hip Hop moves

Dance: Primary Hip Hop

In this active workshop, students will work with an experienced dance educator to explore the elements of hip hop and the elements of dance. 

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Dance: Latin

This active and inspiring program highlights the rich history and traditions of Latin dance. Students will develop a vocabulary of Latin dance styles and demonstrate their understanding of these dance forms through creation and performance. 

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Dance: Creative Movement

In this program, students will explore the elements of dance through a variety of movement activities. Using play and imagination, students will learn how to express themselves as creative movers. 

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Dance: Contemporary Dance

Students will explore what makes contemporary dance unique and relevant. Through improvisation and choreographic exercises, students will expand their understanding of the elements of dance to create a collaborative composition. 

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