August 7, 2022



Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria


Photo by Nadine McNulty


Sadaka (“to give”) was created by Nigerian dance educator, performer and choreographer Sani Abu Mohammed Allen of Ijovudu Dance International to invite divine deities to share their energy and blessings with us. Join master drummer Amadou Kienou and friends in a parade to the heart of Habari Africa. Everybody is welcome to drum, dance, clap and sing along! 

About Fumu Jahmez

Fumu Jahmez is a multidisciplinary artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a dancer, singer, poet and songwriter. Jahmez’s gospel-influenced voice unites the traditional African rhythms with today’s contemporary sound. His passion for dance brings fire to the stage. 

About DJ Moussa

DJ Moussa was born in Côte d’Ivoire and is considered the most versatile DJ in the African community in Toronto. With a unique style of mixing different musical genres (zouglou, coupe decale, makossa, mbalax, ndombolo, hi-life, naija, zouk, kizomba, salsa, hip hop and R&B), he has performed in many of the top clubs across Canada and West Africa. 

Dates & Times

August 7
6pm – 7pm


Stage in the Park

A performance stage on our West Lawn

Outdoors; No formal seating

Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8

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