August 26, 2022

Stories of Independence

TAIWANfest Orchestra


Opening Ceremonies


Photo courtesy of the artist


The songs that define our heritage and struggles tell stories rooted in the people and the community. More than politics, more than history, music is an experience of culture and identity that continues to echo across oceans. What is the sound of independence? Some of the familiar music Taiwanese people thought was their own turned out to have originated from Indonesia; many Malaysian Chinese artists have started their careers in Taiwan. Let’s listen together as we kick off our dialogue with Indonesia and discover Malaysia. 

The TAIWANfest Orchestra performance is supported by the MPTF and TMA149.

Ken Hsieh, Music Director

Ken Hsieh is the Music Director and principal conductor of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra who has performed in top venues around the world. With his passion and compelling presence on the podium, Maestro Hsieh has led the annual TAIWANfest Toronto Orchestra composed of dedicated local musicians for over eight years. 


Dates & Times

August 26
120 mins


Concert Stage

Outdoors, Covered

Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8

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