December 8–18, 2022

Mobile Sweat

Art Spin

Canada, Finland, Norway

Mobile Sweat

Event Info At A Glance

Price Overview: Free, First come first served

Venue Overview: North East Pavilion

Additional Information: Please bring a personal towel and bathing suit

This event is a Nordic Spotlight, part of Nordic Bridges.


Winter like the Nordics! Art Spin is proud to present Mobile Sweat, a nomadic wood-fired mobile sauna and unique platform for contemporary art, featuring a program of contemporary sound and video art, as well as live performance to be experienced while you sweat.

Also on site: Sauna Obscura, the tent edition, a newly commissioned project by Finnish artist Heidi Lunabba. Experience the combination of camera obscura and wood-fired sauna, where you sweat inside a camera with the surrounding environment projected onto the walls and the bodies of the sauna goers. 

At its heart, Mobile Sweat will serve as a celebration of community building, public health, and social interaction, values that are at the very core of sweat bathing traditions around the world and which Art Spin team members had the pleasure of experiencing in a truly embodied manner during their recent travels to Norway and Finland to research more about Nordic sauna cultures. 

This is Art Spin’s latest foray into exhibiting art in unique and alternative spaces; follow Mobile Sweat as it travels across the GTA and Southern Ontario as a part of Art Spin’s larger project Public Sweat coming in spring 2023. 

About Art Spin

Art Spin is an organization that presents exceptional contemporary art in unexpected spaces to create unique public experiences.  

We’re a gallery without walls, a cultural centre that lives and travels across the city, a nomadic arts programmer and a cultural mediator – mentoring, collaborating, supporting and sharing contemporary art – making it public in the process. 

Dates & Times

December 8
5pm – 10pm

December 9
5pm – 10pm

December 10
12pm – 10pm

December 11
12pm – 10pm

December 13
5pm – 10pm

December 14
5pm – 10pm

December 15
5pm – 10pm

December 16
5pm – 10pm

December 17
12pm – 10pm

December 18
12pm – 10pm

Closed – Monday, December 12 for sauna maintenance and cleaning


North East Pavilion

Approximately 219 Queens Quay W.

M5J 2Y6

A standalone building on the North East corner of the campus.

Formerly Lavazza Cafe