August 26, 2023

Island Nation: Hoping

TV Drama



“A human life is my whole world, my life!” Facing the challenges of both the virus and human nature, the protagonist’s emotional outburst resonates across the screen.  

The whole world is still reeling from the impact of Covid-19. Many people’s lives, work and lifestyle have encountered tremendous changes. This forces people to face the truth of their smallness within the universe, and to reflect on their relationship with nature. As the pandemic spreads, the enemy we are facing is not only a virus, but also the challenge of humanity. In every moment, each character is struggling, in fear, and oozing empathy, and we’re forced to wonder if their actions are real or fake. 

The series Island Nation candidly shows the reality under political power struggle. It boldly exposes the phenomenon of bureaucratic corruption, and delicately depicts the helplessness and anger felt by the civilians who were sacrificed under the struggle of interests. Ultimately, however, whether humans will choose the resilience of survival remains an unanswered question. This series reminds us to rethink our connection with the world and to meet the challenges of the future with perseverance. Despite the pain struggles all around us, we can find inner strength by letting go of the false and welcoming the real. This film is a complete story, showing the fragility and tenacity of human nature and leading us to think about the value of life, and helping Taiwanese society move forward.

About Lin Shizhang

Director Lin Shizhang had a rich experience in film and television shooting, and demonstrated incredible professional skills in this field. He had served as the director of the Island Nation series. He deeply understands audience preferences, and presented stories in a unique way that resonated with the people. He often collaborated with other filmmakers to inspire new ideas, creating thoughtful works that pique interest. His works explored human nature, and inspired people’s thinking and discussion. The delicate handling of the story and aesthetic requirements is what makes his works vivid and exquisite, and the combination of creativity and professionalism brings surprises to the audience.

Dates & Times

August 26
5pm – 6pm


Studio Theatre

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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