August 13, 2023





Photo courtesy of the artist


Benkadi provides an authentic experience of West African traditions. Doundouns, djembes, balafons – percussion instruments take centre stage in this colourful show, commanding the acrobatic movements of the dancers, who give themselves over to the powerful rhythms. Be energized during this incredible display of acrobatics pitted against vibrant drum beats! 

About Benkadi

The Benkadi troupe dazzle and entertain while they are on stage in their shimmering traditional costumes and with their authentic and explosive performance.  With their incredible display of acrobatics that are pitted against drum beats, the show’s intensity gets higher and faster and their range of percussions on stage is a sure-fire guarantee of the show’s intensity! 

Dedicated to community-based education and performance, the artists of Benkadi provide a wide range of programming for diverse audiences. An eclectic group of artists and educators dedicated to performing, teaching and researching West African dance and musical forms.  

Dates & Times

August 13
4pm – 5:15pm


Concert Stage

Outdoors, Covered

Wheelchair Accessible

235 Queens Quay W.

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8