March 18, 2022

Beautiful Journeys

The New Embassy

Presented by the Toronto International Festival of Authors

Participants of The New Embassy

Photo courtesy of the artist


Inspired by Toronto’s renowned, historic Bohemian Embassy, meet a new generation of artists inspiring Canada’s ever-evolving literary scene at The New Embassy: a digital mini-series of spoken word, poetry, prose, theatrical readings, music and dance.

Award-winning author, performer and queer healer Kai Cheng Thom brings ritual-performance, spoken word and movement together for a transformative mosaic of introspective art. Dancer and choreographer Sze-Yang Ade-Lam will join soul-folk singer-songwriter Janice Jo Lee for a special performance, followed by a poem reading and dance by Ade-Lam. Multimedia artist Kim Ninkuru will present a spoken word piece exploring rage, love, desire, beauty and pain in relation to her own body, mind and soul. Award-winning Mauritian-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Kama La Mackerel will give a ritual-performance adaptation of their poem “My Body Is the Ocean”, exploring the relationship between the “island-body” and the ancestral memory of the ocean.

Dates & Times

March 18
60 mins

Keywords DanceDigitalLiteratureMusicPerformance