August 27, 2022

Be Courageous || Be Yourself

Theresa Chang



Theresa Chang

Theresa Chang, Photo courtesy of the artist.


To be ourselves, we must recognize and respect our parentage. The song “Le Ho Shia” is a beautiful reminder that mothers love and care for us even when we cannot appreciate what they have done for us. “Yong Chi” was first sung by the Malaysian Chinese singer Fish Leong, and it talks about courage even when others do not agree with us. The song “Chang Sheng Shiang Chi” reminds us to be ourselves, no matter how successful or glamorous we may become. “Tsi Chi” is the Chinese translation of the theme song “Reflection” from the Disney animated film Mulan, which encourages the audience to look beyond expectations from others and to find our values in our lives. The set ends with the medley of “Jiu Gan Tang Muei Me” and “Chan Tzai Gao Gang Shang.” The medley starts by remembering a fatherly figure that sacrifices for our sake and then moves on to reflect on the beautiful mountain scenery from our homeland to end in an upbeat tone. 

About Theresa Chang

Theresa Chang has had a passion for singing since her youth. After raising three daughters, she returned to her passion to tell people that dreams can come true if we do not give up, no matter how impossible it may seem. She is also the co-founder of Dreamusik Music Productions and took on the role of lead singer for two Taiwanese Hymnal Albums: I Love to Tell the Story and When Peace Like a River

Dates & Times

August 27
45 mins

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Band Members

Singer – Theresa Chang 

Guitar – Douglas Au 

Guitar – Cory Noziglia 

Bass – Jonathan Karkar 

Drum – Shawn Lee 

Keyboard – Daniel Yen 


Stage in the Park

235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON

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