August 12–13, 2023

Balafon Village

Music Workshop


balafon village

Photo courtesy of the artist


With simple rhythmic and melodic exercises, Adama Daou will introduce you to the balafon, an African wooden xylophone, UNESCO named as a masterpiece of intangible heritage. Balafon is a soothing instrument allowing a distinctive musical journey. Grab your sticks and create your own sound, inspired by your inner soul!  

About Adama Daou

A Malian musician from the city of Mopti, Adama Daou developed his skills in African percussion (djembe, dumdum, calabash and balafon) by participating in traditional ceremonies during his childhood and through his training at the National Institute of Arts in Bamako. Moving to Paris in 2000, he performed and toured with groups like Lo’jo and dance companies. Based in Montreal since 2011, Adama Daou is constantly guided by a strong desire to introduce Malian percussions to the public while creating musical projects with artists from different horizons, performing, developing workshops, and participating to the development of sociocultural actions based on music. In addition to touring across Europe, Canada and the United States, Adama regularly hosts African percussion, dance classes and workshops. 

Dates & Times

August 12
3pm – 4pm

August 13
2pm – 3pm


North Orchard

A setting in the trees at the very north-west end of our campus.


Wheelchair accessible

235 Queens Quay W

Toronto, ON, M5J 2G8